Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trial update and parks

We went to a trial in Sanford NC this weekend.  I only entered Friday and Saturday.  On Thursday I met up with someone I went to high school with.  I hadnt seen her in almost 30 years. We met at Raven Rock park.  Very cool park. I got there early so Miley and I could hike.  A beautiful park but steep.  I wanted to go to the big rock area.  The lady told me it was 100 steps down. I thought she was kidding. I guess not.  It was a hill all the way down until you got to the steps.

When you get down to the bottom there are these huge rocks. I couldnt get them in the picture. There just wasnt enough room to step back and take a picture.

It was cloudy and in the woods so hard to get good shots.  Plus the ground color is so light against the dark rock.

It was a very cool looking place and I just couldnt get the shots to show it.  Then it started thundering.  I didnt want to be stuck down there with lightening.  And it was a hike back up to the car.  I guess my legs werent ready for this because the next morning my calfs are so tight and sore.  Walking up steps is a killer , good thing there were only a few.
My high school friend  met me later that evening and we had a good time.

The trial is at a small site.  The building where the courses are set up smells so musty. The building was hit when they had those tornadoes a few months ago. It ripped off the wall of the building. Maybe it had water damage that caused the  musty smell.  The new rubber contacts were great. 

This was a nice run. I made a few mistakes. Im not sure why she didnt read the RC at the triple. Weird.  Great table. She got right on and I didnt ask for a sit, but she sat.

Next up was jumpers.

The opening was similar. So I decided to be to the right of the triple since she didnt read the RC earlier that day.  It didnt help. She still turned the wrong way. Very weird.  The only thing I can think of is she was sure the course was the other way. Why would we jump that way when the course goes the other way. LOL . Im going to have to work on that. Plus I saw her head check me several times going down that first line so I new I was in trouble. So after that mistake I just went for broke.  I felt like I ran as fast as I could. Then you see the tape and I dont look fast at all. LOL My crosses look so much better, at least to me.
So still no Q's but this jumpers run was the most fun Ive had running in a long time. WhooHoo!
The next morning JWW was first.  The course was so similar again. Crap, this lady is trying to kill me. Same tunnel opening with the weaves on that same side. This time it was a double into the weaves in the opposite corner.  I had myself defeated before I even entered the ring and it showed. Ugh!  My dog missed two jumps in the run and I didnt even see it.  What the heck. Why did I handle the course like that. Thats not fair to my dog. She is running her heart out and I didnt put in the correct effort. 

I had many hours until my next run. So I went to the park and took pictures. I had my camera setting wrong. Apparently my brain wasnt working that day.

Then back to the trial.  There were no course maps left. So I took a picture off the wall.

I had a new attitude.   I needed to be ahead of her coming out of the tunnel. So this time I lead out to the other side of the tunnel.  I decided no matter what, I was going to make sure I noticed if she did or didnt take a jump. 

I dont know why she jumped off the table.  But going thur the weaves like that, was an off course. They consider that as, "doing the weave poles" even though she didnt weave.  Its not the judges fault, just what the akc says. Weird. So if your dog jumps over the tunnel when running, thats considered taking the tunnel? Or going under the aframe is taking the aframe?  Anyway, I didnt call her. There was something in her body language that I could tell she was ok and not stressed.   I could just feel it. Weird, I know. She turned around and got back on the table.  I was so impressed with her. I hope she knew it.  We finished the course.  Again not a perfect run but still fun. 
I have a ton of pictures for another park I went to.  I didnt take my computer  to the trial, big mistake. Next time I will. It has taken my all day to just load video and edit my pictures.


Kathy said...

Wow, you had some good runs, love that jww on the first day, nice weaves all weekend, the first table was so nice. Sounds like all in all a good trial and a good weekend. Love the pictures. Boy your runs are just looking nice recently-good job. You seem to be taking it all in stride too and relaxed and not thrown by what ever happens, you look good, I thought that first day you really looked like you were running well ;-), I was impressed.

Sara said...

I really enjoyed watching these videos! Miley reminds me of silk when she runs~so smooth and light on her feet.

I'd say you accomplished more than enough this weekend~climbed 100 stairs, and had two successful table performances, with no stress!


Jules said...

Looks like you had a gorgeous hike and nice runs overall!

Morganne said...

Nice runs! I enjoy watching them and now that I am starting to sequence with Soleil I see similarities (winging out wide and missing a jump) - must be a Sheltie thing. I am finding with Soleil (at least right now at the early stage) that it is better to FC than to pull around jumps.

Anonymous said...

Nice runs! and how great that Miley got on the table twice in one run. Thats so cool.


Dawn said...

Good girl Miley!! Table is not so scarey after all! And loved the big rocks with the tree roots, and especially Miley on that step. Great shots, worth the walk down and back up!

Reilly / Bree said...

I want to come walkies in your park - what a beautiful place!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Yay for the stress free tables! Looks like a nice location. :)

Amy Wood said...

The trail looks beautiful. Would love to hike a place like that although I'm not sure my calves would love it either. So many great pics of Miley, she sure know how to pose for a pic. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures from the park. I felt the same way about some of the places we went in Colorado Springs. I just didn't think the pictures I got did the place justice.

I am so thrilled to see Miley doing the table so readily now. You two are so fun to watch.

Lian said...

Love watching you and Miley. You two are just awesome, the table work is brilliant, all your hard work paid off now! Well done girls!