Friday, June 10, 2011

Class and snakes.

I had two lessons with Meagan this week.  Its funny. I set stuff up and we have no problem running it. Then I go see Meagan and it takes me multiple times to get it right.  But I guess if I could do it, then I wouldnt need to go see her.
Both days we did stuff from Clean Run exercise articles posted on the web site . Kathy Keats March 2011.

I had Meagan video this one because of the off arm cue to turn the dog.  I think I  first tried just rear crossing everything but that didnt work. It was just to tight.

I need to work on cuing early so she knows ahead of time where she is going. I need to send her over a jump and trust her to do it, and then I need to get to my next position.  Send her and go. But also remember to work every jump.

I went to class on Thursday too. Well , two classes. The first one was novice. I was able to do those courses without a problem.  Good thing or I would just have to give up. LOL
In the Masters class we work some more on the same Kathy Keats set up just numbered differently.

 I ran this differently than everyone else. Of course my way didnt work. LOL  I think thats why I cant stay on course. I cant seem to see the correct way to run the sequence.  I  front crossed between 3 and 4.  Then ran to the left of my dog for #4-#6.  I felt like this gave her a direct line to number 6. But what happened was as I fell behind her , she curled in a slight bit after number 5. That caused her to miss number 6.  So when I ran on the right side of the 3-6, when she curled in after 5, because I was behind, it was ok.  That actually set her up nice for #6.  I need to work a little on sending her down a line of  angled jumps. So when I get behind, and I say "go on" she will drive to the next jump.

I had the same problem here on 5-8.  I got behind as she drove down the line and she wouldnt take the  #8 jump.    I had to really push an say "go on". 
I was beat as I drove home. The good thing was , I stopped at Chick Fil a. They now have ketcup that you can dunk in.  A little plastic tray. It worked great while driving.  Love it. But I hit traffic 3 times. They were working on the road.  I know they cant work on the road during the day but really. When its 10:30 at night, its soooo frustrating sitting and waiting.  I do remember sitting in traffic in D.C at 12:30 am , after getting off evening shift at the hospital. And just wanting to go home. Nope, just sitting going crazy.

Miley is doing much better at going to the park. Today so only lagged behind 3 times.  And she left the car area without a problem. So thats good. Look, she is crossing the river by herself.

The river is down a little . So I thought I would go to this huge rock and take some pictures.

I wanted both dogs to get to the top of the rock. 

But Miley wouldnt go to the top with just a verbal command.  I couldnt get around the rock because the water was deep there. The only thing to do was to climb up the rock a little to show her what I wanted.  When I got up on the rock and looked over the other side. This is what I saw.

So no pictures on the big rock.  These people came over toward me to go on the island, then out to the other side. I couldnt decide if I should tell them about the snake. I didnt tell them. No sense freaking them out.  They werent going toward the snake.

We left that area.

Of course Guiness needs to dry off. I mean he just gets soaked going thur the water. NOT!

Then  I tortured them by making the walk several times thur the larger river crossing.

I had them do this several times.  One for exercise.  The water had a pretty good  current going, not dangerous.  And two,  to cool them off. Its pretty hot out now and it was 3pm in the afternoon.  So even though Miley doesnt look happy, I think she was ok with it.  There were rewarded a lot.

And then right when we where leaving the park path  there was this.
This one was tiny.  Maybe  6inches long.  I cant believe I didnt step on it.


Berts Blog said...

Goodness. are your snakes poisonous? They look pretty nasty. Me and My Vickie do not like snakes....


Priscilla said...

I like every part of the park but definitely not the snakes! It seems they are everywhere, in the water and on the land.

Sara said...

I once ran over a snake on the bike path. Took me about 25 years to get the courage up to go back to the bike path! You are so brave walking through that water.

Glad Miley isn't stressing as much.

Dawn said...

Ok. I'm creeped out now. That was one HUGE snake! I didn't think snakes bothered me, but all we have here, mostly, are little garter snakes. Except for the poisonous rattlesnakes at our favorite park. Which I haven't seen but am always looking for and are one reason Katie doesn't get to run free there....

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Your classes sound good - I like those exercises you ran. I have trouble seeing the line my dog should take too - even with a slower dog. So having fast Miley doesn't give you much time to think! But I think you are doing fantastic with her!

The park and the river are so pretty but the snakes - no thanks!

Elayne said...

Now that is a snake. Wonder if it's venomous. It's bad enough when they're on land but there's something extra creepy about them being in the water. Or even worse when they're in trees.

Amy Wood said...

Crossing the river looks like a great way to exercise and cool the dogs. Love all the pics. Would be freaked if I'd seen that big snake!

Kathy said...

YOU AND SNAKES, you scare me with those-glad you are careful watching out for them. I meant to set that exercise up when I saw it in clean run.....I always mean to set them up, but maybe I will have to try it, love watching you work with Miley ;-).

Nat said...

Great job with Miley!! You're such a smooth handler, wonderful to watch.

That is one huge snake. Beautiful!

Ludo van Doggy said...

ooer! Huge snake! Do you get excited to see them or are you too used to it now?
Agree with what Ricky said about the courses. I have no sense of direction and Ludo zooms ahead so I have no time to think.

Nicki said...

Whoa, big snake! that would send me packing! I'm not scared of nice pet snakes but I don't like to be surprised by them in the wild!

Marie said...

I swear, your snake stories and pictures freak me out. I try and try to like snakes, but I just don't. There was a snake on our walk the other day. It was little, but I still didn't like it. LOL