Friday, December 10, 2010


Mickey had his teeth cleaned today.  He also had two more front teeth pulled.  I think he only has a couple of front teeth left.  Poor guy.  It must have been a rough time because he looks  a mess.  His hair is all messed up like the vomited on himself or the spilled something on him.  He has been crying a lot too.  I gave him the pain medication. I dont see much difference.  He did eat, so I guess he is ok.
Do I have any teeth left???

Last night I went up to a class in North Carolina.  I did the novice class and then the masters class.  Uh, we had some problems.
The course was from a Dana Pike
 We didnt run those numbers. The first run was this.

So I thought the hard part was getting the weave pole entry.  We didnt have a problem with that, it looked beautiful.  What did we have problems with?  The beginning. We kept dropping the bar on #2 because I would lead out to #2 then start moving when she got there.  I needed to be before or after two and then start moving.  The for some reason she went wide over #3 like she was going to the weaves.   So we worked this section several times until I got it right or close to it.

With this one , we had problems with #6,7,8.  You could take either tunnel entrance but we did both with different runs.  I kinda did a front cross wrap thing at #6 and I was on the right side of the jump #7 to post turn into the weaves.
We did this same course for the masters class and I decided to do two rear crosses at #6 and #7 into the weaves.  Miley slipped  coming over #7 and face planted. Then started stress circling.  I had to finally grab her to get her to stop and then sent her into the weaves.  Poor dog, I dont know why she does that. People probably think Im mean to her or something when she is wrong.  But really, I dont do anything when she is wrong.  Sometimes I will say "nope" if she misses the a-frame contact or weave pole entrance . And then I will pull her and put her in the crate if she breaks her stay , which she didnt  do all night.  So I dont know why she gets so freaked out when she makes a mistake , which its my fault anyway. Ugh!
So what I figured out worked best, in my opinion was front cross/wrap  at #6 but stay to the left side of #7 and then RC on the flat into the weaves.  Thats something I really need to practice.

This one we also struggled with the RC on the flat into the weaves after #5.  I dont think we got that once. We didnt look like we belonged in this class at all. When I watched everyone, they looked beautiful running, so in sync with their dog. We did get the correct tunnel entrances all night. So thats good.
Lastly the chiro came after class to adjust dogs.  Miley first showed signs that something was wrong on the left back, thats the opposite side of her pass injury.   But she only did it the first time she assessed her. Then next two times she didnt respond.  So Im hoping that was nothing. 


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hope Mickey feels better once the drugs wear off!

All those courses look really hard - I don't think we could do any of them. Good job on getting all the tunnel entrances - not easy!

I sure hope Miley is fine - if the chiro couldn't find anything after the first time then she is probably ok - fingers crossed though!

Priscilla said...

Poor Mickey and Miley. Fingers and paws are crossed that they start to feel better soon!!!

Sara said...

Poor little Mickey. I hope he's feeling better today.

I think most dogs show stress signals when we make mistakes in agility, Miley just happens to exhibit her stress in a dramatic way. I'm sure most people watching understand that.

Dawn said...

Poor little Mickey! It's no fun to get your teeth cleaned when you wake up with less than you went to sleep with!

I bet Miley thought it was her fault! And she didn't want to go into the crate!

Kathy said...

Poor Mickey, hope today is better. Those were hard courses it looks like a great class, challenging!

Anonymous said...

That's how all dogs look after a dental. You know how much you have to spit when you have your teeth cleaned? Well, they can't spit, they are under anesthesia. Instead, they are usually laying on a towel, but all that water they use to power wash your teeth (ok, a very simplified analogy, but you get the point) winds up soaking the towel and, hence, the dog or cat's face. Most places try to clean them up before sending them home though. Never fun to have teeth out though. Poor guy. :(

Cynthia said...

Sorry about Mickey's teeth. :( It's hard to let teeth go but it's for their health, for sure. Lucy is missing some of her back teeth, but she can still chew a bone. :)

The courses look great, I can see where some problems may occur. I need to run more courses with Jet, dangit, so I can know where to be when to be and how to handle them! February is only a couple months away!!!!!!!!!!