Monday, December 6, 2010

More about the trial

Now to continue the trial stuff.  Next up was pairs.  I have to tell you, which you probably all already know, the difference between starters and advance is huge.  So here is starters pairs.  Even Miley and I didnt mess this one up.  ( no video)
The person I was paired with didnt want to do the a-frame.  I didnt want to do it either but  what the heck.  I just didnt want Miley doing to many a-frames this weekend.  We ran our side without a problem.  I think their side dropped a bar but that just added time, so we "Q"ed.  There were 3 people in starters pairs so the other person needed a partner.  They asked if I would do it, so I said ok.  So I now had to run the other side.  But because his dog was 22 inches we had less course time.  I told them I didnt think course time would be a problem.  (Now staying on course, thats another story).   So I dont know if you can see my line but I wanted to practice the not obvious tunnel entrance and she got it. But I took for granted that she would take that jump going back to the next tunnel and she missed it.  Lucky for him my side didnt count agaisnt him and he "Q"d even with his dog lying down and doing a military  crawl on the ground after the chute.  Dogs are so funny.

Next up advance jumpers.

I had a bad plan for this one.  I dont know what I was thinking.  I lead out to the left of the dog and planned to pull to the left to get her to take jump #5 and then RC her. What the heck was I thinking??  I should have front crossed after #4  or I could have done a RC on the flat after #5.  So what happend when I had her going to jump #5, as soon as I stepped toward her to RC, pushed her off the jump and over the wrong side of #6.  Ugh.  Then I got her back on course.  Coming out of the  tunnel of #12, I made sure I had her head and did a moving FC #13. The serpentine was going great until I didnt call her over jump #15, so she didnt take it and we drove on to #16.  Even though we missed #15, it looked pretty cool.  I do have video but the person was walking when videoing (is that a word?), so its really shaky and hard to watch.
I went home that night and just beat myself up over that jumpers run. I fell asleep thinking about it and woke up thinking about it.  I was hell bent on doing better on the next jumpers course.
So here was the course.  I really felt like I had a handle on this.  When I first walked it  I FC after #12 but that just didnt feel right.  I really felt like she was going to be coming down the line from #8 on and she would be flying! It never crossed my mind that I would pull her off the tire.  Ugh!  Just looking at my now pen marks shows you have far I would be pulling, how wouldnt I pull her off her line? I think from now on Im going  to mark my dogs line and mine on the course map to make sure I dont do this.  Do you think I will ever get this right?

So you can see I screwed it up again.  My poor dog.  At least she didnt stress circling with all my screw ups.  How long do you think it takes to learn to do this right?
Next up was snooker.  I started getting a headache and the beach and the dolphins were calling me. So we left. 


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Gosh I just love that photo of you and Miley on the beach! Definitely worth missing snooker! Both of those jumpers courses looked tough. I think it takes a long time to learn how to do it right! I studied both those course maps for quite awhile just now and I think I see how I would run them in a perfect situation but I sure don't know how I would actually run them with Ricky! I think you and Miley did great and it was so awesome to see you trialing with her again!

With the second jumpers my dream plan - lead out past the tunnel then # 3 - 12 with dog on right - send to tire while I move laterally to landing side of 13, FC, blind cross out of tunnel and finish with dog on left. See, no problem - LOL!!

JustRunFast said...

love love love this picture!!

Kathy said...

Miley looked very happy, I keep wondering when we will all gel together, Breeze and I, it all seems so obvious AFTER we make our mistakes then wonder why I didnt see that...You guys looked great!

Noah said...

Miley looks so smooth and graceful. I watched that video twice. The picture on the beach.....I have seen so many great pictures from many a blogs but that shot just became my favorite.

Priscilla said...

I'm so sorry things didn't go as planned.
I hope that walk at the beach made you feel better :)

Sara said...

If I were a judge and saw Miley take off from the start line, I'd be saying in my head, "Oh sh*#! I'd better really pay attention for this team!" I think you guys rock.

Perfection is overrated. I thought you looked pretty geled on that run- no stress from either of you.

OBay Shelties said...

I saw the judge was Bud H. He is a sheltie person and must have loved Miley. :-)

Anonymous said...

That jumpers run looked fab other than the one little flub. Yes, it looks like a bunch of flubs since she circled, but it really was one little flub and her TRYING to get back connected with you as best she could.

Marie said...

I'm sorry that things didn't go quite as you had planned, but honestly, if you ever figure out the secret to perfection you better pass it along, because it rarely works out as we plan for any of us.

I think it's a pretty big accomplishment that Miley didn't do any stress circling even when things went a little off plan.

Dawn P said...

She looked great. Advanced Jumpers is hard - harder than Masters. It's just a timing issue. Considering that you've been off so long, I think you guys look really great.

Morganne said...

That is a tough line (11-13). You need enough forward motion to cue the tire yet too much lateral for the fc and the dog can miss #13.

I think I too would have gone for a nice walk on the beach rather than run Snooker ;-)

Cynthia said...

Nice jumpers run! She was definitely flying! Looks like you are behind her most of the time, she's one speedy pup.