Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Well I cant believe that I finished Christmas shopping and have wrapped all the gifts.  On Wednesday, I only had one gift  and that one was being shipped and hadnt arrived yet.  So between Wednesday and today, I got it all done.  WhooHoo!  Christmas isnt to exciting once your kids get older. And really the only one who is getting a great gift is Stephanie.  Im hoping she is going to be really excited one she opens it.   The poor dogs dont get any gifts.  Its hard enough to buy people gifts let alone dogs.

Next month I entered another USDAA trial and Im going to be on a PVP team.  Neither of us care if we Q or not, so there is no pressure. Plus she has seen Miley run and go into stress mode and she is ok with it.  The good thing about team is there is no table in Standard. WhooHoo, maybe we have a chance at a nice run.  Although team snooker kinda scares me. LOL

I went to class last night and Miley did great.  We did a course that was in clean run but I forgot to ask which one it was.   Lots of turns and crosses.  Its so funny when you watch the video of yourself.  I felt like I was really moving trying to get where I was going.  On the video it looks like Im lallygagging thur the course. I tape the run so I could remember where we put all the crosses.  Sometimes thats easier than me writing it all down.

My phone taped this really well. I wonder how it would do at a trial?


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Such a nice and smooth run from your class! You guys are looking so good!

Merry Christmas!

Sara said...

I would NEVER be able to remember that course, especially with all white jumps. You guys rock.

Hope Stephanie loves her gift, and I hope you tell us what the heck it was, because I'm dying to know.

Lian said...

Lovely run from Miley! She is awesome as always!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Catalina said...

Wow! That was awesome! You guys are fast!

Anonymous said...

Looking good & Fast! Keep up the good work!

Kathy said...

your phone videod that? Wow, that is impressive. that all looked very smooth and nice, bet you guys are going to do really well at the trial, lately you and Miley really seem to be synching really well, it is pretty to watch, you guys are really looking great! have a really Merry Christmas!!!!!

Priscilla said...

A stunning picture of Miley!

I think two of you did really really well! That's a good run!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

Dawn said...

That was so much fun to watch! I agree, I'd never remember the course, it all looked confusing to me! You guys looked great!

Merry Christmas!!

Marie said...

Miley is so pretty!

I can't believe that video is from your phone, it's really clear. I didn't think you looked like you were lollygagging around the course either. It looked great. Miley was flying around that course, and you were doing a great job of being where you needed to be.