Friday, December 31, 2010

More bad Karma

Here is Miley's pairs run from a couple of weeks ago. I first edited out the team mate but when I tried to save it , it was always blurry. So hopefully the girl running with me isnt mad I posted it. Its only starters pairs so it isnt difficult.

The bad karma stuff? Well I went to class last night with Miley. First we did the novice class and she was awesome. Then we did the masters class. Meagan set up a Masters snookers course. Ugh!!! I hate snooker!! I suck at it. LOL Of course I didnt make it thru correctly one time. Then disaster.
Im posting a course map so you can understand better.

 The red "1's"are the snooker jumps.  I was running the closing and was going to bring her around the outside of the course after the tunnel instead of trying to bring her between the two red snooker jumps to get from #2 to #3.  I guess she thought I couldnt really want her to go toward the wall so she cut in front of me. She was running and I was running. She cut in front of me right has my leg was coming forward.  I kicked her, spun her around, she took out the jump , flip over and landed on her back on top of the jump poles.  It was horrible and I felt terrible.  Ugh!!  She seemed ok. After class I iced her down and gave her a small dose of aspirin.   Today she doesnt seem sore.  I had already made an appt. to have her checked by the rehab vet next week just to make sure she was ok after going back to agility and doing trials again.
Then I get home and there is a message on the answering machine from the vet  saying I need to call them about Miley's blood work.  She had her yearly check up on Wednesday and the drew blood.  Im hoping maybe just her platelet count was messed up.  He had a hard time sticking her so maybe he got some bad blood cells that were clotted.  I tried to call today but they were closed and will be closed until Monday.  Also, the new vet at the practice, wrote a Rx for Mickeys phanobarb and wrote it in pill form.  I didnt look at it until I got home and I thought maybe they now make a small enough dose for Mickey to take pills instead of liquid.  I took it to the pharmacy and guess what. They dont. He wrote the Rx wrong and now I have to wait until Monday to get a refill.  I think I have enough to make it. The pharmacy say they could give me a little more if I run out.  Ugh!


Sara said...

Maybe you should stay home the next few days :)

I hope Miley is ok. I know Oreo takes some really bad falls, and seems unphased. I chalk it up to youth.

Priscilla said...

Your run was awesome!!

I really hope everything is ok with Miley and Mickey's pills now!

Kathy said...

OOOOOH that sounds really traumatic with Miley at the trial, but I was just watching some video that I dont think I had seen on youtube and you guys looked awesome together, it looked so far as the blood most likely like you said they lost the blood or it got clotted or something like that, just sucks to not be able to get back to them and put your mind at rest before the WHOLE weekend, and the meds, wooza, surely you are just getting all your bad luck for the year out before the new year starts and you can get going on some really good luck going!

Dawn said...

oh man. That sounds TERRIBLE! You must have freaked out! I hope she's OK, but if she seems OK now, she probably is. Also hoping you get ok news from the vet. Geeze...maybe all the bad stuff is over!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry I somehow missed this post and am just seeing it now.

Well, bad stuff seems to come in threes so now you are definitely done with the bad karma!

Your collision with Miley sounded awful but glad you weren't hurt and she seems ok so fingers crossed that she is totally fine!

Crazy about the blood work. The vet will straighten it all out on Monday but what a worry to have to wait so long to find out what is the deal.

And Miley is flying in that pairs run - great job!

Lian said...

WOW! Love Miley's DW!

Marie said...

I'm late as usual. I sure hope that things have taken a turn for the better today.