Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bad Karma

Today I have bad karma.  First I was on my computer and I was trying to open itunes on my hard drive.  Something happened and all the programs on my computer changed to itunes.  If you tried to open any software , you only got itunes. Ugh!  Then it wasnt recognizing me as the administrator of my computer so I couldnt fix things.  I couldnt open the Internet to  try to google help.  I called Dell and they tried to sell me a software  warranty for 239.00 before they would even start helping me. I told them to forget it. I called Best Buy and the guy with Geek Squad thought he could fix it easily.  So I went up there and it wasnt that easy but he did fix it.  Yea!!  Im going to have to reload itunes.  Im scared to do that but the guy didnt think it was really itunes fault. I guess I just have to bite the bullet and do it.... later.

I also went the park and brought my camera with several lens.  I feel like I need to expand my lens use to be more creative.  And I dropped my new 50mm lens on the pavement.  Ugh!  I wanted to cry.  First the computer , then the lens.   See bad karma.  The lens seems to be ok so far.  Will see what happens when I take some pictures.

You know, there might be snakes in here.

Snake!!!!  (just kidding)

All those pictures above looks so much better  on my computer.  The colors are richer.  Hmmmm.

Looks like a snake pit huh?

Weird, looks like a leach!



Kim said...

You took some beautiful pictures, so your Karma couldn't have been all bad :)

I love the moss hanging from the trees - we don't have that here.

Sara said...

Gorgeous photos. Guiness looks especially nice against the tall brown grasses (not sure what you call that stuff!).

What a weird thing to happen to your computer...almost as though Apple hijacked it!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Well, at least you got your computer fixed and the lens seems to be working! Those photos are great!!

Priscilla said...

Another gorgeous set of pictures!!!

What did you do to get bad karma?!?

I went 'EEK' when I read you dropped your lens!!! EEEEEK!!!!! Well, at least the pictures you got look terrific :)

Sam said...

Gorgeous photos! If they're from the lens you dropped, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Dawn said...

I dropped my camera a couple of years ago, on the first day of a trip up to Lake Michigan. I DID cry, but it turned out to be OK. Hope your lens is OK too...the pictures are gorgeous!

Love Miley running out of the grass, and Guiness is stunning!

Kathy said...

whew! computer problems are scary-glad it all got straightened out, was it a virus or ????? THe pictures are absolutely gorgeous, really pretty. I like the "snake pit" one very interesting to look at. Hope the lense is Aok

manymuddypaws said...

great photos! it's so pretty where you live! we have barely any trees. i miss trees. lol

I bet your lens will be alright. I've dropped mine before and it still works...