Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving and stuff

We went to Virginia Beach, to my sister's house, for Thanksgiving. We left Wednesday.  That morning while getting ready, I saw Miley's back foot slip out from under her.  She was just walking and I thought that was weird.  Then about an hour later, it happened again. I asked her if she was ok, she turned her head and looked up at me. Thats when I saw her eyes moving back and forth.  I went to reach down to grab her and she tried to get a way. She swayed and hit the wall. I picked her up.   Her eyes were still doing it. I showed my husband. Then my friend came over, she was watching the dogs while we were going out of town and I needed to tell her about feeding them and medication.   When I was done, Miley's eyes were still rapidly moving back and forth.  So I called the vet.  When I got her there, she had stopped. They kept her until 2pm and it didnt happen again. Who knows why it happened but it stopped on its own. So then I didnt want to leave her at home. What if she got sick again and my friend had to deal with taking her to the vet. And then I would want to come back home. So I took her with me. Then I felt bad about leaving Java, so I took her too. Im sure my sister was really happy about me bring two dogs to her house.  I mostly kept them locked in my room. But they got lots of long walks on the beach, multiple times a day. Which is more exercise than they would have gotten if they stayed home.  (Guiness went to my dad's house. Guiness is very territorial at my house and wouldnt let anyone one it without bitting them. At my parents house, he doesnt care who comes in and out). 

The weather was freaking cold at the beach. And windy too which made it feel worse.   Every time you went out , you had to put on several layers of clothes.

 I dont know how these surfers were handling the cold and wind. I know they have wets suits on but still, freaking cold.

 The dogs didnt care if was freaking cold and windy.

We did have a beautiful sunrise one morning.

For some reason my dogs like this cement block thing. They loved playing chase round and round and over the top.

Very windy again.

 The wind started eroding the beach. It didnt have the humps the first day we were there.

I think this is my favorite picture. I took it the last morning we were there.  It was very cloudy but just for a minute, the sun came out. And I took this shot.

I did do things with my family.  We did eat Thanksgiving together. My husband made the Turkey. They Friday night we had a big dinner with my family and my sister's husbands family.  It was nice, we all laughed a lot.  Saturday my sister's daughter was Bat Mitzvah.  I think Im caught up on church stuff. Three hours in a temple all in Hebrew should be worth something.  You weren't allowed to bring in cell phones. During the service, someone's phone kept ringing. I dont know why they didnt turn it off. But my daughter leaned over and said, "Jesus is calling". (sorry, I hope no one is offended by this. Everyone is allowed to have any religious beliefs they want). But it was funny.  Then that night was a party.  We all were dressed up and got family pictures.  There was a DJ and dance floor.  My son, who usually is very quite, dance his fool head off. LOL  Then they had a room set up for the adults if you needed to leave the party room. They put down the big screen and we watched the last 1/2 of the USC vs Clemson football game.   I think everyone had a good time.  Several nights of not going to be until midnight and my dogs always get up at 5am took its toll.   It was a rough drive home. I kept having to stop and trade drivers.  
So happy to be home. I think my dogs are happy too. I still have to figure out how to go to Savannah and get Guiness.  
This was the last week of Daisy Peels Precision Handling class. For some reason, she didnt review my last weeks video. I sent her a message but I havent heard from her. So I sent an email. I didnt do this weeks lesson. I figured if she did review last weeks, maybe I was to late or something.  Im not sure how I feel about on line classes.  I think there is a lot of good, it makes you practice things that are outside of what  you probably think to practice on your own.  But when I cant figure out how to do something, it takes a while to get feed back. Then because Im 40 minutes (36 miles) from the field, it hard to practice. And when I get there,  I need to work on other things too. So Im pretty sure I didnt prefect anything I was doing wrong. You can print out all her reviews of you homework and then work on it again. I did find out that I need to work more call to heel stuff  but Im not sure  exactly what. I know what call to heel is and the different  ones but adding them in and at speed so she gets it. How did I teach Miley this? She seems to read it. Ack.  Feeling over whelmed.
 Then someone asked me to be on their team at a USDAA trial in a couple of weeks.  Both their dogs are related to Java.  Now Im really nervous. They asked me, but I told them Im not good and are they sure they want me to be on their team. They said yes. So, I hope I do ok and dont let them down.
And I havent practice anything in a week. I feel it you dont keep working running dogwalks they fall apart. Easy to get back, but you have to practice. 


Sara said...

Well, I'm glad you brought your dogs, so we could see all these beautiful photos!

Sounds like a busy and fun weekend!

Online classes can be really overwhelming. I just signed up for one, and it's only day two, and I'm not sure how I'm going to keep up with everybody's videos and feedback and stuff. Hopefully, I can catch up over Christmas break!

I'd want Java and you on my team! You guys are great!

Diane said...

Good to hear Miley is okay, I wonder if it was a reaction to her medication? Weird.

Go for the USDAA team. You and Java are a great team! You guys will rock!

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

It does look like you had a wonderful time - at the doggies did :) I wonder if Miley is having mild seizures?

Collie222 said...

I hope she continues to be ok. (You may want to have the vet check her for an ear infection though, just in case.)

I haven't been to Virginia Beach in years, but we have some very happy memories of family vacations there.

Chris and Ricky said...

You got a lot of great photos of the dogs at the beach even with the cold weather. Glad you got away for Thanksgiving! And glad Miley seems ok now. That is just so scary!

margaret minetti said...

inner ear infection causes vestibular desease, my setter had it, lasted 8 days. she just may need some anitibiotics