Monday, December 16, 2013

Trial weekend

First a couple of things.  After falling Wednesday, Im ok. My neck muscles were sore for a couple of days but then I was fine.   Miley's eyes get rechecked on Dec. 23rd, so we will see if  the medication is helping. Its hard to tell other wise. She was squinting this weekend but other than that, she seems about the same. I don't think she knocked any bars all weekend!!!

The weekend was good.  Friday is was sunny and in the 50's , so nice. Its the only day I could take pictures. Saturday, it poured down rain most of the day. Sunday, it stopped raining but was freezing cold and windy. 
Java was entered in Team with two other dogs from the same breeder. Our team name was "We Three Faeries"  We managed to get a team Q without much help from me.  The courses were really hard for Team courses. Even someone, who has made world team multiple times and is an awesome BC handler, said these were the hardest team courses she has run.  There were lots of whistles all weekend.  The course I was most worried about was snooker. Im not good at keeping my dogs off obstacles.
Look, its the number 13 for Friday the 13th.  I couldn't come up with a  good plan so I had to get help from my team mates. My plan was red to #5 and then red  then 7, then red and 7.  Java didn't stick to the plan and took red to the 6a.  For some reason, I thought we had Ed but then didn't hear the whistle and it finally  hit me that we were ok and I just needed to do 6b.  So we almost made it to the end before the buzzer. whoohoo!!. Java took 1st place!!

Java struggled the whole weekend was everything. Broken start lines, flying off teeters, only hit one dogwalk contact all weekend, not wanting to finish weave poles, and then the last day, missing a-frames.  Twice, she got no treats after leaving the ring for acting so crazy.   The last day, I had Starters standard and Grand Prix at the same time.  She was crazy in standard. After jumping from the top of the aframe, I carried her out of the ring. No treats. We walked over to Grand Prix and were in the ring , in 2 dogs.  She was so much better.  She waited to be released, still missed DW, did all weaves poles, hit a-frame and stopped on the teeter.  We went off course after I cued the wrong tunnel entrance.  So much better.  Java did get a Steeplechase Q with a pretty ugly run.

Miley had a very good weekend.  She got her last Q in snooker PII, so now she gets to move up to all PIII events. Whoohoo. She also Qed and took first in Perf. Grand Prix, so now she has a bye.  I had missed her run and had to be moved all the way to the bottom of the class. She was awesome!!.

Lots of contact issues for all dogs this weekend. As I watched, tons of missed 20/20 and running. And the gifts that some people were given on their running contacts, that clearly weren't in.  So now to think about what to do with Java's contacts.


Priscilla Phang said...

Glad to hear that your neck is better and hope Miley's eye check goes smoothly.

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

We saw on FB that Miley did super well....congrats

Sara said...

Ya know, my students get crazy when there is a full moon coming...maybe that was Java's problem too :)

Congratulations on Miley's 1st, Q and a bye. How exciting!

OBay Shelties said...

Wow Miley is looking more amazing than usual. Has something has changed with you and her? You looked so smooth and relaxed and so did she!

Elayne said...

Nice runs with Miley and she had a beautiful table. I know what a victory that must feel like.