Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Eye dx

Look, Miley's eyes are open.   I got the this small park just as the sun was coming over the trees.  So the light was coming over before the full sun was over the top of the trees.  So, she could keep her eyes open.
I took Miley to her appointment this week with the Vet Ophthalmologist.  It was big bucks, Ack!!!   Anyway, they tested her tear production because dogs can have dry eye and can cause scaring on corneas but Miley's was normal. She had normal eye pressures and then they stained her cornea's for ulcers or scratches. All normal.  Then the eye doctor came in and looked at her eyes.  She said Miley has Sheltie Dystrophy.  (Ive never heard of this).  Its a genetic disease that they think is autoimmune. They get inflammation in the corneas which then causes scaring on the corneas. She said both eyes have equal amount of scaring.  She said the scaring is like little dimples, like the dimples on a golf ball.  She didnt think it was effecting her vision yet.   So the plan is to control the inflammation so there is no  more scaring.  She was started on Cyclosporin eye medication twice a day. She will be seen in one month to see if the medication is working.  If not, there is another medication they can try.  Most likely she will need to stay on the medication the rest of her life but hopefully on a  decrease dose. Like once every 3 days or so.

I bought a new wide angle lens.  Its nice for a group shot of the dogs. It will really help with family pictures. I know Ive said this before but the pictures are beautiful on my computer and then loose that quality when loaded to FB or blogger.

Im still taking Daisy Peels on line handling class.  This week  we did terrible. I think Java must not understand call the heel over the jump with speed.  Miley had no problem coming in over the jump before the tunnel. Java just wasnt reading it.

I think by the end I was saying cuss words.  Not good. I had to  listen to my videos I sent Daisy to make sure I wasnt sending any with bad words on it.   I think to get Java over the jump, I finally said forcefully, "Home here right now".  LOL, that work.   But the idea is to use handling skills to do the course not verbals. LOL

Its been hard video taping sequences with my ipad since Apple did that upgrade to ipads.  It brought the camera in closer so now my wide angle lens was wide enough to take video of sequencing.   Ive been searching the Internet and finally found what I needed.  I had bought some 37mm lenses (thats the thread end) , which is what would work with my ipad holder. The problem was the plastic piece that holds the lens wouldnt accept all lens.  Sometime the lens would hit the corner of the main plastic holder, so the lens couldnt thread.  But then I found this.

The one on the left is the new one. It has a metal thread ring already it in.   So I could just pop out the old plastic slide and put the new one it. It was only 12 dollars, I think, and well worth it.  Makes it so much easier to change lenses. And they are in there very tight so they won fall out.
Then they were also selling an extra wide angle lens, only for video not taking pictures with you ipad. Works great.
In case you are interested I got it from   The also sell these plastic cases that are convertible so you can use it with your phone too.  But I already the the older model and I dont really use my phone to video much. But its a neat concept. 

Someone asked me a question, so Im going to post some more information.  Your ipad fits into that plastic case. See below.  You can slide the lens into position when you need it, and slide down when you dont need it. The whole unit sits on top of your tripod.
This ipad holder by Makayama,  it didnt get great reviews on amazon but I havent had any problems with it and really like it. There is one down fall, your on/off button is hard to get to. So when I want to turn it off, I have to slide the lens out of the way to reach it. Not that big of deal, but that was one thing people posted they didnt like.   The whole unit sits on my tripod. My tripod is old. Over 20 years. We bought it when we had one of those big video cameras you use to have to put on your shoulder.  So its sturdy. Its made by Albinar 9900 video.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


OBay Shelties said...

I just got an ipad. Can you tell me what kind of case and tripod you use? Are the lenses to hook up to the ipad itself? Sorry to be daft but I figured instead of searching myself I would use your knowledge! :-)

Diana said...

Bernadette, I updated my post with more information. I hope it helps. The lens is hooked to the case that holds the ipad.

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

What a wonderful shot of all three of them...never easy getting them to all have their eyes open at once....I find it hard enough with just two dogs! I am sorry to read about Miley - hopefully she doesn't go blind from it - but dogs are amazingly adaptive to such things.

Sara said...

I had no idea you could put all those attachments on an Ipad. Cool stuff.

I'm glad Miley's condition is treatable with meds. I can't imagine having to put drops in my dogs' eyes though! Oreo might be ok, but Chewy would need a straight jacket :)

Helen said...

Hope the medication works for Miley.

That lens for your iPad is really cool.

Dawn said...

Great shot of the 3 of them. Timing is everything...isn't it! I love Miley so much. She's such a delicate looking little girl. I hope the medicine helps her eyes. Look how beautiful she is there in the leaves. Enjoy your weekend!

Kathy said...

wow, she is speedy, so it really sounds like you are getting a lot out of Daisys handling class?

so glad the eyes are controllable it sounds like. anything with the eyes is scary

Chris and Ricky said...

I am glad there are meds for Miley's eyes that can stop the progression of that disease! The photo of the three of them is so good. I wonder about using my iPod touch with a tripod. I haven't been making videos since I gave up on the Flip camera and started using this iPod