Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trial Weekend

Doesn't Java look huge. LOL  To bad no sunny days. It makes pictures so much nicer.

It was  cold weekend but not horrible.   This trial site tends to be really cold in the winter and I was worried but it wasn't to bad. Granted, I had several layers of clothes on but I was ok.  Even Sunday when it was 33 degrees and raining. I was glad it didn't get cold enough to turn to ice outside. That would have been bad.

First off, Java had the worse trial weekend she has every had.  She has been whining at night for multiple nights.  Thursday night, at home,  I must have gotten up at least every 2 hours with her. I kept thinking she had to go to the bathroom but she never did.  Same thing at the  the hotel Friday night. OMG, I was exhausted on Saturday from no sleep.   Saturday night was a little better. She only woke me up at 2am and 4am and I stayed up after getting up at 4am.  She was just off at the trial too.  Didn't finish one  set of weave poles without popping out.  Didn't hit one DW contact, flew off teeters and didn't want to down on the table.   Ack!! 
Here is an example and its not even the worse run. LOL

But after we got home and she saw Guiness, she seemed better.(Guiness had been at my parent house for a couple of weeks). She hasn't whined at all at night since we got back.  Maybe she thought something happened to him and  was crying over that.  That is all I cant think of, because nothing else has changed.  We'll see what happens this weekend at this trial.  I told my "team" for the weekend, that I was apologizing now for doing poorly.  They said I had a week to fix everything(they were kidding). LOL, they are funny. 
Miley did pretty good with bobbles here and there.  Her first PII standard run, she ran right past the dogwalk. It was weird. She has never done that in the 6 years Ive been running her.  The rest was perfect.  She had a nice GP run but didn't wait on the teeter for me to  finish front crossing and took the off course jump behind me. Silly dog. That run I had to delete off my ipad because people stood right in front of my video camera.  I put my ipad on a tripod and the wide angle lens so I didn't have to ask people to tape me. I guess I didn't put it in a good spot since people stood in front of it. 

My best run but not perfect ,was Masters challenge  jumpers.  Walking it, I thought what the heck was I thinking entering this again???

We almost messed up at 17 but I was able to save it and Miley didn't  stress so it was good. She did hit the broad jump so no Q but still nice.

Its hard to see , sorry its so far away. The video below is the same video but I put it in Coaches Eye and pulled it in so you could see it better. Not sure how she held on in those weave poles.

We did manage one Q. Miley got her 3rd PII standard Q.  (she didn't go around the DW this run. LOL)   But I was worried because you had to go pass a few obstacles to get to the next jump after the weaves. Not Miley's thing, being able to stay with me pass obstacles. Usually she will do it for a second and thinks I must just not know what I want and she wings out and takes something. LOL


onecollie said...

I love watching your videos!! Your handling is so awesome & your dogs are great! Not sure how you remember those courses! wow, they're hard!

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Love that photo of the two of them playing and the last photo too...you always take such amazing pics.

Sara said...

Awww, she must have missed her brother! That's so sweet.

Your runs look great!

Chris and Ricky said...

I bet Java was missing Guiness. Looks like a nice trial venue - glad it wasn't too cold. I enjoyed seeing your runs as always!

How are Miley's eyes? Is the medicine helping?

Dawn said...

Looks like a good weekend!