Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve and the Beach

On the way to my mom's house, Stephanie and I stopped off at a state park that is on the ocean. They allow dogs on the beach. It was a beautiful day. Sunny and 60.   I think when we were driving into the park I saw Lexi. She was the rescue  dog I had a few weeks ago.  Someone nearby adopted her. I should have stopped and asked them but I thought they might think I was weird if it wasn't them.

 This is a cool beach with all the dead trees.

My son had to work so  my husband and him came to my mom's later that night.

(Guiness cant be trusted off leash. Or at least I don't want to take the chance)

 The dogs had fun.  So did Stephanie , she took lots of cool pictures of the trees.

 Trying to get a picture of me and the dogs.

 Java is over the whole thing and telling Stephanie off.


My dogs like to place chase around things, like dead trees.

Wonderful time.  Im glad we made the detour to the beach.


Sara said...

Looks like a blast! And I love the photos of you with the dogs.

Priscilla Phang said...

Glad that you all had a wonderful time together and those pictures are super wonderful too!

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

that 3rd shot from the bottom is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like she flying over the sandhill

Chris and Ricky said...

Would love to go to the beach on Chtistmas Eve! The pictures are wonderful - looks like you all had so much fun!

Dawn said...

Well that was just cool. Glad you went to the beach too! You've got great shots, and love the one with you and the 3 dogs! (Good job Stephanie!)

Kathy said...

You have the most beautiful places you guys visit. Love that picture of you and the dogs. Your dogs seem made for all those pretty beach scenes, LOL, love that. Hope you had a great Christmas!

Nicki said...

Looks so fun. Wish it wasn't so cold here.