Sunday, April 28, 2013

Which cross is better?

I set this course up last week.  Everyone ran the opening kinda different. I ran it with a front cross.

Most people posted turned. But one young girl that  has been coming to class, I think she is around 12 years old,  blind crossed it ( on her last run through) Her lateral sends to #4 werent working. She would stop to send and the dog would stop. I told her to keep moving no matter what happens. So that last time she blind cross, Im not sure if that was her plan, but it worked beautiful!   I kept thinking about it and wanted to set the course up again and try all the options and see which one cued the dog the best, and was the fastest.
One thing that kept  happening to me with Java during class, I front crossed between #5 and 6, was sometimes she would cut behind me and take #2, instead of driving to #6. If I video taped it she didnt, if I didnt tape she did. But that only happened at class. She didnt do it when I set it up again a few days later.

So I finally got back to the field on Saturday after that fair. I had to return some equipment we borrowed for the fair , so I was there anyway.

So the blind  looked slightly  faster than the front cross.  It was definitely easier on me.

Here the post turn looked slightly faster but then you are behind because you have to rear cross #7.  I really thought the front cross was the fastest when I was doing it but now it looks like it might have been the slowest.

I have to start looking at courses differently. I make a plan and usually think Im right and stick with it.  I think that kinda comes with my nursing. A lot of times you are making decisions quick and you have to be confidant that you are right. Especially when you are the only medical professional around.  I have to think different , well with agility that is. LOL


Sara said...

That is the coolest video software! LOve the side by side comparisons.

Chris and Ricky said...

Funny how fast the blind cross is - I would've guessed the front cross was faster too.