Thursday, April 11, 2013

GCOC trial, Saturday.

Im having a hard time remembering what happened. LOL  It feels like forever ago. I didnt enter FAST, it was first of the day.  I timed for the excellent dogs, no one Qed.
I dont have a map but I drew this from memory.

That 1-3 was the send bonus.  One dog that got the send, did what I posted. But they didnt have enough points to Q. The judge came over to us one time and said, Ive used the set up before and people got it.  Poor guy.

(sorry the maps are dirty. Miley jumped into the back of my van and stepped on all of them from Saturday)

Open JWW:

I ran this with Java.  I think  I had to support #2 so much that I didnt get out to get my front cross when I wanted. So she went by #4. Ugh. But once I get it together at 4, we looked good.

This run was kinda disappointing because I felt like I should have been about to do it. Sorry the video is so dark.  Its hard under cover with the light at the end. I think by the last day we got if figured out. Stand on top of the bleachers and face the ipad down.

Master JWW:

I guess I didnt get anyone to tape this one. I think if I remember right,  I didnt want to leave her coming out of the tunnel (after 4) to make sure she took #5. It was at a weird angle.  So I couldnt give her the information she needed soon enough and I think she missed #7. I did a fake front cross and the reared on the flat into the weaves.  I also think she missed #19. I slowed(almost to a stop) to rear cross #18, then she went wide around 19. I should have just fronted on the other side of 18. I had time. Ugh. Not a good run on my part.

Masters Standard:

Miley had a freaking awesome run except she landed on the triple. I have no idea why. The judge is standing in the way so you cant see it.  Someone told me she slipped on take off.  I didnt see that and I was right there. I knew she wasnt going to clear it even with me say "big jump".  She has been crashing the triple a lot.  The photographer got a picture of her trying to make the jump. Back legs all the way forward and then front legs flailing. Poor Miley, so was trying to hard to make it. Ugh. Not good.

 I called the table, "weave". Im not sure why but she got on the table. I called the a-frame something else. I think I needed to eat some lunch, my brain wasnt working. LOL  I front crossed in front of the chute because so many dogs missed that jump after the chute.

Novice Standard:

When I saw that run: Long tunnel, dogwalk, table, I thought holy crap.  But it wasnt a problem at all. But the table was. LOL.  I tried to leave her and I guess she wasnt ready for that. And what did I do, walked away again.

Last up T2B:  I entered both dogs.

Miley went wide and then stressed but I got her back. And since no refusals in T2B, we Qed. LOL

Java popped out of the weaves early and over the next jump before I could fix it.

I was beat after this run.


Helen said...

Miley is looking good. Great weaves and a fast down on the table.

corbinwooten said...

I bet it's hard to run both your dogs on the same course--I have only done it in Gamblers and that was hard enough!

Java's a-frame is just stunning. She's quick and right on!

Maybe Miley watched Lexi's run where she crashed the double and thought it looked fun?

Sara said...

They both look awesome to me!