Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Fair

They have this fair here every year called the Sprakleberry Fair. I really never paid that much attention to it. Its on the other side of town and  I was probably at an agility trial or something. I was suppose to be working at a race for my school but it was canceled. But I didnt find out in time to in the trial that was close by  so I decided to go help with the agility demonstrations for the club.  It started out raining. Well not a down pour  but sprinkling.  I kept thinking, hmm not going to run my dogs on wet grass. But it stopped at 9am and it didnt start again until on my way home.

I had never been to this area before. Its called the Clemson University extension. (Its in Columbia) I took my dogs for a walk, away from the fair area.  I didnt even know this was here. I was just walking down one of the car paths and it turned into this.  There were more paths into the woods but I didnt have time to explore all this but I hope to go back. (I used the panoramic view on my phone to take this)

I wish I had made my son come with me to the fair . It was very cool.

They had someone demonstrating herder. I really like the duck herding. (sorry that tractor thing is in the way)

The dog is behind them, you just cant see it.

This guy was demonstrating plowing. Your kids could walk behind the plow with him and learn to plow. They had a large part of the field plowed before I left.

Lots and lots of tractors!!

Trains, this was a steam train. My grandfather would have loved this.

They must have had civil war reenactment stuff. I wish I had walked over there to see some of it.

Cops everywhere. Some on horses others on bikes and some on gators.

Lots of animals for kids to pet and some to ride. This guy was interested in my dogs. (or worried). We werent even close to them.

There was sheep shearing demonstrations and lots of other stuff. This was just on our side. I never got very far away.  I put the dogs in their crates and clipped the zippers together.  But as I walked away, I felt something touch my leg. I looked down and it was Java.  I went back to the crates, she had busted out the zipper. I couldnt fix it. So I didnt go anywhere after that.  I just stayed where we were doing agility demonstration.

Someone used my camera so I could get pictures of my dog too.

I got some cool pictures of other peoples dogs. But I probably shouldnt put them on here since I didnt ask them.


Chris and Ricky said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Priscilla Phang said...

Wow, fun fun fun!

Sara said...

What a fun day! I'm sure everyone enjoyed the agility demo.

Bree Hayhoe said...

what a wonderful day and love those plow horses. Make sure you mark it on your list to go each year now :)

corbinwooten said...

That's a cool event!