Sunday, April 14, 2013


Woke up a 4am and  went to a small one day USDAA trial.  We had a great time. A couple of people from our club were there. I usually dont get to talk to them much but we sat together and had a good time. The people in Charleston are so supportive of everyone, its great!! 

First up was Miley PIII gamblers. ( I made sure I was really early so I didnt miss the walk thur in case they started early. LOL)

The gamble doesnt look tough on the paper but being on the field I thought, "no way will get that". LOL
Here is a picture of the gamble with my phone.

Well she freaking got it!!!  Except we dropped the bar on #2.  Oh well, such is life.

 Next up was Java PI Gamblers.

Java was kinda crazy in this run. Im not sure why.  Flying off the teeter , the second time really bad so I had to fix that.  She got the gamble, but it was easy at this level.

Next up was Starters/PI standard. Miley is still in PI standard because of the table issues. I really wasnt entering her in standard anymore in USDAA trails because what was the point.   But since she is doing better with her tables, I thought I would try. Next month Miley will be 6 years old. She got her first PI standard Q at 18 months.  Well  she finally did it, and did it well!!  LOL

Yay Miley!!!

Then it was Java's turn. The turn off the dogwalk to the jump, with looking straight into the tunnel, I thought might be a problem. But it wasnt , she got it.  But other things were a problem.  She downed on the table but then went into a sit. I finally had to take her off and put her on again to get her to down.   Coming out of the tunnel my cue was WAY to late, ugh, sorry Java. Then the tunnel after the aframe was a straight shot but I guess I was to far behind and she read my deceleration as a turning cue and took the wrong tunnel entrance.  (Ill have to work on that, its the second time this has happened to me).

Next up Grand Prix. Miley

So I walked the course with sending her to the #14 jump and crossing behind her  to get the tunnel entrance because that is what I did in standard. (We didnt have this set up in standard, I had no idea why I thought that. LOL  ) I thought about front crossing after the dogwalk and thats what I should have done. Instead, Miley is locked on to the tunnel at the bottom of the dogwalk and doesnt even see me moving laterally. LOL, funny dog.

Next is Starters Pairs with Java. 

We didnt have a partner so someone agreed to run with  us.  She asked me to please make sure her leash is at the last jump so she could leash him before she handed me the baton.  So I did. I also made sure he was leashed before I took Java's leash off and lead out. ( remember the first time I ran pairs with Miley and other dog I was paired with her chased her through the course until she jumped off the teeter because he was with her). This time I was more educated. LOL
Java was freaking awesome. We ran the black numbers and I was worried that she would go straight into the tunnel but she read my rear cross after the weaves beautifully . I didnt get this run on tape, of course. LOL
Last up was Speedjumping with Miley
 Gota love when you can still Q with a dropped bar and missed contact. LOL  I didnt think we had Qed until I went to the computer. That was a nice surprise. Fun run!

We had a very fun day. Great weather, a little warm for the dogs around the middle of the day .  But then started to cool off again for Speedjumping. 


Elayne said...

Congrats on that final standard Q. I'm right there with you on what a big accomplishment those are, especially somehow in Starters and especially with a dog with table issues.

Helen said...

Congrats on your Q's. Java made you work for that Gamblers Q :-). So nice Miley got the Syd, she has beautiful weaves.

Sara said...

Yay Miley!!!!!!

What a great day!

Chris and Ricky said...

Yay Miley! Congratulations - that STD run was gorgeous!

Priscilla Phang said...

Congratulations to both of you!

Miley looks so pretty with her ribbons!