Friday, April 12, 2013

GCOC trial Sunday

I have to finish this up because Im going to a USDAA trial tomorrow. Im just doing one day.  I entered Java in easy stuff, pair,gamblers and standard. Miley is in  starters standard (fingers crossed she gets her final Q, so her and Java arent in the same class), Master gamblers, Grand Prix and Speedjumping.

But Sunday I was exhausted. I shouldnt have entered my dogs.  A friend of mine offered to run Java but she wouldnt have anything to do with him.  So I ran them both.

I have no idea what happened in Miley run. I cant remember and I couldnt find anyone to video.  I think we dropped a bar. Now I remember (I came back to this. lol).  She dropped a bar on #4. It was cute, when we came back thur that jump again for the #10, she jumped in the air, like the bar was there even thought it was on the ground a little further out.  People laughed.
Java had weave pole problems. I thought I had fixed this but I guess I have more work to do.

Masters jumpers

Miley went wide around the number 7 jump and then stressed.  And things started to fall apart.

I think Miley's brain was just over all this. I probably wont run her three days again.

Open JWW
For some reason Java just isnt as committed to jumps as she is in practice. So I pulled her off #4. The she was off course twice into the tunnel. Ugh.

Master standard
I helped set this course up. When I set the panel jump, a bar goes across the bottom 4inch rung and then you start setting the panels  on up. Well this lady changed it. She is a judge but wasnt a judge for our trial. I told her I thought it was right, but she ignored me.  So the panel jump dropped on the guy who ran before me, and it dropped on Miley. I watched a few more runs and the panel jump dropped not every time but more than it should. Ugh. I was kinda pissed.  We had a perfect run except for that.
I didnt get Miley's run on video.
Last up Novice Standard.
When I saw this course I thought, crap its harder than excellent.  That freaking broad jump to the dw and then turning to the jumps. Ugh. I didnt think I could do it.  I couldnt front cross between the broad jump and the DW (which is what most people did) but then I would be so far behind on the running dw I thought that wasnt the best plan. So I posted turned and then rear crossed on the flat after the dogwalk. She almost went to the tire because I was on that side but she got it in the end. Then I rear crossed the teeter because I needed to get to the outside tunnel exit to front cross and pull her over the a-frame. The tunnel exit  seem to go more pass the a-frame so the dog would miss it.
Anyway , when I rear crossed the teeter, she jumped off. Oops we hadnt practiced that.  You wouldnt believe how many people came up to me and asked my why I did that.  Ok, I need to know where my training holes are. No sense moving on if she doesnt know things. It isnt a big deal.


Sara said...

Diana, you are so good at analyzing your runs. You know exactly what you did wrong to cause the problem. That's a pretty amazing skill. I see so many people blaming their dogs, when you know that it's almost always human error.

I usually know it's my fault, but have no idea what I did wrong, unless someone points it out! LOL.

Dawn said...

I'm exhausted just watching all of these!