Sunday, July 8, 2012

One down, one to go.

Three adopters came to look at all the puppies yesterday. I think there were 5 puppies to choose from.  Two people were there just to look at Spike (pictured above). But he didnt want to be held. Every time someone picked him up, he struggled to get away. So that really put people off.   He really is a cute puppy but busy. He like to run and play.  When he first wakes up and I carry him outside, so he doesnt pee before he makes it outside, he struggles wildly. I put him down and he takes off running and playing. Then stops to pee. LOL.  He is a fun dog but very active.  He needs to go to a home where people want an active dog. Like someone who likes to hike or something.  
The female puppy I had did get adopted. They were one of the people here to see Spike. I think the female puppy is a better fit for them. I talked with them and told them about the two puppies.  She just seemed more of what they were looking for.   I did tell them she is a little noise sensitive. Like when a lawn mower starts she heads for the house. You can call her and she would turn around and come back to you. Sometimes I just let her run into the house. She would go in but then come right back out again. So I think that is a good sign. But I told them they need to work on it to make sure it doesnt get worse.   Its funy, all the puppies that were mostly black got adopted. They seemed calmer and wanted to be held and hugged.  The other puppies have a lot of white in them and all of them are very active. 

I had to laugh. Twice when I left the house to go do something yesterday, I came back and my husband was holding the puppy. He wants to make sure this puppy gets adopted next time. LOL

At least Spike still has Java to play with.

Last week was a rough week for me. I just didnt feel good. I have been having headaches everyday. Nothing would get rid of them but migraine medication even though they didnt feel as bad as a migraine.  Maybe its sinus stuff. I may have to break down and go to the doctor.  The bad part was I didnt spend much time with any of the dogs or the puppies. It may have been why Spike was so wild on Saturday. There were some days I didnt even walk my dogs. Poor dogs.   So Im still having headache but I dont feel bad anymore. So I did walk the dogs yesterday and today. And I work on Java's running contacts.  Im starting to teach turns. As you do this your straight exits off the running dogwalk can go down hill. Which happened. But it will get better. Ive also started on Java's weave poles. Those were my two goals for the summer. And since I dont have much summer left before going to work, I better get started.
Stephanie got her wisdom teeth out Thursday.  I let her change her appt from July 30th to the 5th because that worked better for her. We didnt realize she was off of work the week of July 4th when we made the original appt. So we changed it at the last minute. If we were thinking we could have gotten a Monday appt, but we didnt call soon enough. Anyway she has done pretty well most of the time. Then she starts feeling bad again.  She has to go back to work today. She is a camp counsler at a sleep away camp. I hope she will be ok. 
I was suppose to go to a USDAA trial this weekend but that all fell through with Stephanie's wisdom teeth stuff. I really wanted to test my theory on Miley's contacts again. But it will have to wait until next month.

I took this yesterday morning.


Sara said...

I hope Spike finds a home soon. He seems like he'd make a great pet for an active family.

Headaches really wear you down. Hope you get some relief soon. I always have trouble figuring out if it's a migraine or sinuses too.

Lian said...

Hope your migraine gets better. I know how you feel when you have a headache.

And hope Spike found his forever home soon.

Chris and Ricky said...

Sorry about your headaches. I get sinus headaches frequently. Sometimes zyrtec will help me (just a thought if it is not a migraine).

Spike is so adorable and I am sure someone will want him soon!

corbinwooten said...

I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. That's the worst.

Funny that Chris mentioned Zyrtec as my mother-in-law swears by it for headaches since it's a sinus thing.

I think it's a good thing that Spike wasn't adopted. He wouldn't be happy in a home that just wanted to cuddle him all the time. The right place will come!

Nicki said...

Spike sounds a bit like Savannah!

Kathy said...

sorry about the headaches, maybe a chiro adjustment would help esp after al the stress.