Tuesday, July 3, 2012

At the Lake

Sunday was so hot we decided to go to the lake. It didnt help. It was still hot even in the water. We didnt stay to long, I was worried about the dogs.

"Um, Im not going swimming even if you do give me hot dogs".

"Ill swim for hot dogs!!!"

"Ill swim for hot dogs too but I really just like running back and forth barking at the little waves. And rolling in dirt and sand".

"See rolling in dirt and sand, its the best!!" 

"I dont like swimming to much but I like running. Come and get me Miley!"

" Once I get Miley chasing me I sometimes I hide behind things so Miley cant see me. Im a good hider huh?"

"Then once she finds me, I take off running"

"Then sometime you gota take a break. Dont I look big sitting here next to the boat?"

"I loved running up and down this log. What fun!!"

"Miley liked this log but it was to slippery for my taste. We kept falling off into the water".

I have a funny picture for wordless Wednesday.  See ya tomorrow.


Chris and Ricky said...

Miley and Java are hilarious together! Gosh they have such a blast!

Guiness obviously has a very different idea of fun! LOL!

Sara said...

They don't look like the heat is bothering them all that much.

Guiness is a riot.

Ludo van Doggy said...

That looks like terrific fun!
Seeing Miley and Java, and all the other good partnerships together really makes me feel like getting another dog!

Sophie said...

Your girls always look like they have so much fun together - jealous! And Guinness looks like he's having a blast as always :)

Dawn said...

You always make me wish I had more than one so they could play together! These three are having the best time! They all make me smile!

lifewithmydogs said...

They look like they have so much fun at the lake! Java looks like she has great fun chasing Miley.

Dawn said...

PS: I went to PetSmart yesterday just to take Katie for a walk and stay in air conditioning...and there was a book about Shelties, and inside it was a picture that could have been Java's twin! So cool! (literally, it was freezing in there!)

Kathy said...

great pictures, looks like the dogs had a great time despite the heat!