Thursday, July 26, 2012

Class and stuff

Im teaching a class for our club. Its a 6 week class on basic foundation skills. Like sit, down and walking loose leash.  ( No sure I should be teaching loose leash walking. Hopefully none of them see me at the park. LOL)   So I took the puppy with me.  He was very nervous when we first got there. Kinda whinny. He wouldnt takes treats. I was worried and thought I missed the boat on socializing the dog.  But Sheltie rescue doesnt want to taking puppies out until they are fully vaccinated and since I dont own this puppy I have to do what they say. But after being in the building about 15-20 minutes he got much better and was able to take treats. I used in him the class as a demo dog.  He did great. 
His crying in the crate when in the car as stopped now. He has been riding everyday and not crying since Monday. So that is a relief. The crying at night has gotten much better too.  Anywhere from 5 minutes ot 15 minutes of crying and then he goes to sleep.  I feel the night crying is his biggest problem right now. I want to try to work through this because I dont want him return to rescue because they couldnt handle it. And this dog can scream.  They lady who had him when I was on vacation said , the first time he let out a scream all her dogs ran for cover. LOL

I went up to Meagans for a foundation class with Java. And to take a 30 minute lesson with her after class. Java is doing well.  Im having trouble teaching her to "wait".  I think Ive wrecked that word. I think Java thinks "wait" means "go".  LOL  So Meagan gave me things to work on to teach her to stay in her place. Im also having problems with her taking jumps when we are running.  When we just walk past jumps she will take them. She will offer taking jumps all the time, so I know they have been rewarded enough. But as soon as I start running , she chases me and doesnt take the jumps. LOL. I havent been able to fix it. So Meagan worked with me on this too.
I took Miley and Java to the building yesterday and worked on jumping. I wanted to slow motion Miley taking jumps so see what she is doing. She kept dropping a bar on this one jump at home.  I didnt see anything there but when I watched the tape, the first time she took the jump was very weird. And she looks like she it taking off early  on all the sequences too.  Here is Miley taking the jump  three different times. Then there is Java at our lesson taking a small sequence. Its funny, I felt like she was really running fast but when I watch the tape it doesnt look like that.

I dont know why but every time I go to a class with Meagan, the next day I feel terrible. It happens every time so thats why I dont do it when Im working. Weird huh?  Its only 1 1/2 hour drive up and then 1 1/2 hours back. Its an easy drive. I have no idea why it takes it out of me.

I put in for a trial thats about 2 hours, that is a close trial for us ,  from my house in August. I sent my stuff in back in June. I was so excited because school was starting late enough that I could enter. I usually miss this trial because Ive already started work.  They always have a b-match the day before the trial. So I sent all my stuff in. B-match on Wednesday and then the trial Thursday and Friday. Thursday was the only day they are doing Time to Beat.  But I just found out that I have to work registration for school and its on that Wednesday and Thursday. Darn it!!!  Lucky I found out 2 days before the trial closed. So I pulled my entry for Thursday and the b-match. Then put on for Saturday. O'Well I guess thats how things go sometimes.


manymuddypaws said...

the first jump that miley took it looked like you were stopping aswell- in the other two you ran well past the jump. Mayne your motion (or lack of) had something to do with it? Hard to see really in the slow motion but could explain?

Java is cute. ;)

Catalina said...

I thought Java looked fast! :) I know what you mean about being tired after driving to a lesson. When I go to Loretta's it's 2 hours each way and I'm wiped out when I get home. I think it's all the thinking! at the lesson

Sara said...

Java looked fast to me!

I'm glad the puppy screaming in the car has stopped. That is a tough one, because its so hard to train and drive at the same time!

corbinwooten said...

I watched that video of Miley a couple times...I can't seem to figure it out. In the first one it looks like she completely misjudges it. It's true that you're stopping more. I wonder if she thought too late that you might be turning?

In the other two it does look a bit like she might be taking off early, but she's also fully extended. She's just not judging the jumps correctly (she's not going over them at the apex of her jump). Was she just doing it on that particular jump? Might be something was weird with the lighting or something in the background and she just couldn't quite tell where it was.

Nicki said...

Sounds like a challenging puppy! But it will be worth it!

Kathy said...

Durn iPad is not loading your video for some reason. Sounds like the popster s making good progress :-)

Lian said...

I thought the first jump Miley was looking up at you? Where the other two, she was looking ahead. It could be like the others said that you were stopping short and she stop short and looking up at you?

Java is looking fast :)

Glad puppy screaming in the car has stop. It's just the time that he get used to travelling. You did a fantastic job raising though.