Tuesday, July 24, 2012

He's Back!

Spike came back to us on Sunday.  Another Sheltie Rescue person watched him while we were on vacation.  She said if fit right in at her house. He played with the grand kids and rode in the car without a problem.  I put him in the car today and he screamed half way to the park. ( I think she let him ride in her lap in the car).  The dogs ride in crates in my car. He is a fun and happy puppy but my dogs hate him. And more so now that he was gone and came back. Even Java is getting tired of him.  Its a good thing Miley didnt react to Java the way she does to this puppy or Java would have been returned. His biggest problem is sleeping in a crate at night.  Sunday night he did ok. Only cried for 10 minutes. But last night, ugh wasnt good. I think my mistake is letting him take naps where ever he lies down during the day. Today, I will put him in a crate or x-pen every time he goes to sleep.

This morning we took him to the river. He needs to burn off some energy so he will be more tired at night. Its just so freaking hot, none of the dogs want to go outside to run or play. He loved the water. Ahhh a dog after my own heart. LOL He walked on leash really well too.

 I did find out today that there are several more applications for the last few puppies so hopefully someone will pick this fun boy.


Kathy said...

Awww poor little guy. Maybe your dogs are just teaching him how to be sheltiish. Breeze was really tough on cricket, breeze is bossy and I think she knew cricket had leadership potential, she clamped down on her when she was young but now they all understand each other. It is hard when you aren't sleeping well. Could you do the Susan Garrett thing of putting him in a crate in your room? That has worked well for my pups and they have learned to be by themselves or perhaps some clothes with your smell at night or they used to put a warm water bottle or a tic toc type clock? Just throwing out a million ideas :-) I know life always looks better after a full nights sleep.

Dawn said...

he's so cute, I hope he finds his forever home very soon. Though I'll miss him.

Sara said...

He's adorable, and looks like a really fun dog (besides the sleeping thing). I'm sure he'll find a home soon.