Friday, July 20, 2012

A week at the beach

We had a great week  with wonderful weather. Not crazy hot weather. You know hot but not over 100 degrees.  It only rained at night and never during the day.  It was always windy on the beach so you didnt get to hot and it kept the bugs away.  Lou's friend , that he has known since second grade, and his wife came down.  Thank goodness too. The microwave was broken and we needed to replace it. I couldnt have helped Lou with this. It was just to heavy.  Then his friend painted the walls in the living room/dining room area. Which I would have had to do. Then they refinished the coffee table and end table, which I also was suppose to do. Whoohoo, I made out like a bandit. LOL. We had a really nice time and the dogs didnt drive them crazy.
The only negative was Java being in heat. She really didnt want to play with Miley at all. A few times they played for about one minute at at time maybe twice while we were out.

(sorry if you are in facebook and saw these pictures already)

The clouds were really cool.
Storms were out at sea but never came into shore.

The dolphins were out everyday. But I got the best shots the first day.

This lady came up to talk to me while I was taking pictures. She starts telling me how crowed Kiawah is and some other stuff. I was at the Beachwalker park that was on Kiawah. (Just FYI for anyone close by, they do allow dogs on this beach. It cost $8 to get in. Its a really nice beach and if you walk the 2 miles to the end at low tide you can see the dolphins)  So this lady is talking and I was just saying things like, "uh hu" and "yea" while listening to her. You know what she says?  "Can I talk". Like I was talking so much she couldnt say what she wanted. If you know me, you know I usually dont talk that much. This took me by surprise. So I didnt say anything the rest of the time she talked. She told me all the places she has been and that she is an artist who travels the world ect...  That the own a place in the Bahamas. I thought, they why are you here? LOL  The lady asking if she could talk just struck me as too funny.

 This big dead sting ray was on the beach on the way back to my car. Man, he had some big bites taken out of him.
I put my shoe there so you could see how big this guy must have been. Sorry its gross.

Guiness got to be off leash for the first time in 5 years. 5 years ago he was lost at the beach for 2 1/2 days. We found him on a marsh island that is surrounded by the river. The person who called about  a dog being in the marsh was nice and took us by boat to go get him. He didnt come to us, so I put him on a "wait" while my husband went an got him. (Sometimes dogs run when then have been lost for a while because they are in such a panic mode).  So I havent trusted letting off leash at the beach since them. I only let him off twice  while we were there and it was at the very end of the island where I felt I had control. He stayed very close by. LOL
I needed to open the lens more on this picture. I thought it got the effect I wanted. I looked ok on the tiny camera screen but when I put it on the computer his color came thur a little. I was trying to get a silhouette.

While taking these pictures this morning I was standing in the water. I stepped back and fell into the deep part. I put my camera up in the air quickly to keep it out of the water but my phone and keys were in my pocket. I couldnt get out because it was not just sand in this area mud was mixed in  and I kept slipping. I called to my husband. He was wondering why I was sitting in the water. (I was standing).  I finally fell forward onto my knees on the little incline in the water. Then used my knees to go up the bank to the flatter area. So my phone was under water for a while and isnt working as of now. Ive had it in rice since we got back to the condo. I think its done for. But my key fob is ok.  And I saved my camera. 

Look all three dogs looking at me , on a wait, and Miley has her eyes open. LOL

Hermit crabs!!


Sara said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Glad you were able to get away.

Sophie said...

So jealous of your amazing vacation, and look at the beautiful pictures you have!

Chris and Ricky said...

What a great trip and amazing photos! I love them all (except I don't love the stingray but it was interesting - LOL!).

Dawn said...

What a wonderful trip!!! So glad Guiness got to run. I remember when he was lost, I think I had just started reading you then. He looks so happy! But I also think you're smart to make him stay on a lead most of the time. Can never tell if a dog learned a lesson or not! That first picture of him looks like he had been running really fast and just skidded to a stop to get his picture taken. And I love the one of all 3 of them together! Aren't they just the cutest!

Glad you saved your camera! Phones are expendable! :)

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

What a wonderful vacation - but where is it???

Diana said...

Reilly, its on Seabrook Island.

K-Koira said...

You saved the camera, that is the important part! (And of course that you are okay.)

It looks like you guys are having a great time. I would love to see the dolphins like that.

Kathy said...

That lady sounds too funny, she must have really needed to talk.....a lot....hahaha. Omg idid not know Guiness had been lost that long-in a place like that where it seems there would be a lot of places to go that had to be so scary! Glad you had a good time away. The dolphins are just so neat! Love those pictures.

Cedarfield said...

Awesome Dolphin photos!

You must have been totally freaked out when you lost Guiness. I can't even imagine ( shudder) it's my worst nightmare.

Nicki said...

Awesome pics!