Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well we finally made it to the beach. My husband is all better and Stephanie is too.  We got to the beach on my birthday.  The condo wasnt cleaned correctly. Mold all in the shower which shows they havent been cleaning it. Plus an open shampoo bottle in there which really means they havent been cleaning. But then you go walk on the beach with your husband and dogs and everything is better.

The wifi at the condo isnt working. I keep getting bumped off.  So if I dont comment on anyones blog thats why.  I was going over to the beachwalker park today to see if I could get some dolphin pictures but when I got there they dont open until 9am. So now Im at the shopping area between Seabrook and Kiawah using their wifi.  Its kinda slow so Im not sure how many pictures I can load.
Java is in heat and not a happy camper.  Its a lot different then last time. Last time I didnt really see any change in her. But this time she doesnt really want to play. She will chase Miley for about one minute and then she is done. So I have gotten a few pictures but I better hope Im good because there wont be a second chase at the shot.  The other thing, she wont jump into her crate in the car and its not that high. So Im having to lift her. Sometimes she wont jump into the chair she likes to sleep in. These two things have me worried. But she is eating and drinking ok.  I hope that is just from being in heat.
(dont worry, I only let java off leash when there is no one around. We go all the way to the end of the island and cross the little rivers. People dont tend to go out that far. Im being safe with her)

Monday we woke up to rain. But is soon stopped and it formed a beautiful rainbow.

 The wifi is really slow, so thats all for now.


Sara said...

Enjoy the beach! Glad everyone is finally feeling better.

Chris and Ricky said...

Glad everyone (except Java, poor thing) is better! I would so love to be there on the beach with you!

corbinwooten said...

Beautiful photos!

Sorry to hear Java isn't feeling well. Sounds like it's probably just heat related. Hopefully she comes out of it soon.

Lian said...

So glad to hear everyone is well now, so you can enjoy your holiday.

Poor Java, I don't understand bitches. When Sipzie has her first & 2nd seasons, she was moody and withdraw; but this season, she was happy and cheerful, like nothing has bother her.

Kathy said...

That had to be rough when everyone was not feeling well, so glad they are all better now. Having dogs in season is a pain in the butt! hahahaha, I feel your pain!