Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trial Update

Here's a picture I took last night.  It turned out so cool.  I didnt do anything to it except crop the bottom off a little.  Java is in the picture too, she is to the right hiding.

I went to the trial with a new attitude.  I wrote on my hand C.A.D.  It stands for Confidence. To remind me to walk out to the line with confidence and trust my dog to stay. Dont babysit her.  A is for Acceptance.  Except Miley for who she is. She is sometimes going to stress and start circling. Its just in her and I have to not get stressed about it.  The D is for Drive.  Drive my dog through the course. If she goes off course because I drove her there, thats ok. But its not ok when I just let her go off course.
For those three things I  feel I was successful.  She had great stays all 5 times.  She stressed a couple of times but we got it back together. I felt like I was driving except once when I over rotated a front cross and she flew off course. LOL.
First up was PIII Gamblers.
We  did well except the first time over the A-frame she jumped the contact. This will be the theme for the day.  So I changed my plan and did the chute and the jumps and back over the a-frame. That time she go it.  We didnt get the gamble. I did the jump and tunnel and then just stood there when she came out of the tunnel instead of driving forward to get the weaves. So she came right to me. LOL

Next up was standard.  Great run.  She jumped the a-frame contact and then jump on and off the table, circled around and then came and got on the table.  She went into a down, then the rest was perfect.

Then Grand Prix.

Awesome run but again she jumped the a-frame contact. Ugh!!!!!!

At this time I was getting tired. I went at 1:30 to get lunch. Lunch is free here as part of working. Well they had already packed it up because they ran out of food. Ugh!!  I debated going home but I really wanted to try the snooker course. I felt I could do it. LOL

My plan was to do the red jump to the left and then the a-frame. I lead out to the a-frame but I must have not given her enough room and she turned right before the a-frame. I tried to bring her around but she stressed.  She ran huge circles around the ring 5 times. I couldnt get her to come to me.  I was just about to  give up, and I just ran. If she took the wrong thing so be it. But she got on the a-frame and got the contact. Then we did the red jump to the left of the a-frame to the #7 (3 of them) then the last red jump to the number 3. Then started the close. I couldnt believe the buzzer hadnt rung.  So she did 2 then 3, then the a-frame. And she jumped the freaking contact. Ugh!!  Tweet-thanks for playing. LOL

Last up was Speedjumping.

I did a running front cross  in front of #3. Im not sure why I did that. I debated just post turning. Anyway, I over rotated and she took the broad jump right into the tunnel.  I go her back on course and she jumped the a-frame contact. I marked it. If she stress, she stressed.  I just say "hey" and a stern voice but kept running.   The next time over the a-frame she stopped completely and waited. I told her good girl twice and then released her. The ending was great! 
Boy was I beat. Java was good but spent a lot of time crated and I felt bad about that. So when I got back I took her and Miley to the beach to run. It was getting dark but I think they had a good time. Java didnt bark or react to any dogs. But then walking to the beach we passed a couple of dogs and she barked but so did Miley. Hmmm, weird.


Priscilla said...

Awesome sunset picture!

The shelties had a good evening run and those action pictures are terrific. I can see their smiley face.

Both girls did sense something different there. Clever girls!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

The pictures are just fantastic! You know I love the first one, and look at that buck with his antlers! Miley sure had a lot of energy still to run with Java.

Sounds like some stuff at the trial went really well so good job and glad you had a plan to help!

Helen said...

Wow, sounds like Miley and Beckett have the same issues - A-frame contacts and tables. I'd love to live near a beach where I could take the dogs to run. Your pictures are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like your reminders on your hand helped. :-) That's great. Nice that you were able to mark the a-frame contact and have her not stress, that seems like progress.

I love the photo of Miley at sunset, it's absolutely stunning.

K-Koira said...

Love that picture at the top. Here in Oregon we have too many mountains to get such an awesome flat land picture of anything.

Anonymous said...

I really think you're onto something here. Giving her the freedom to make mistakes might be letting you relax which is letting her relax. Anyway, great job!

Sara said...

Congratulations on what sounds to me like a successful day.

I'm glad you pointed out Java in that first shot...I didn't notice her at first! Beautiful photos.

Catalina said...

Amazing pictures!

You should join the Daily Dog Challenge on Flickr. It's fun!

corbinwooten said...

I think Miley looked really good this weekend. When I saw her run, she looked happy, and so did you!

It was good to see you, and to meet Java. :)

Johann The Dog said...

Super photo!!! C.A.D. all the way...I did the same thing when I started with JoJo; just different words :) Good for you!

Kathy said...

I might borrow that writing CAD idea from you, that is terrific. Love that last picture, how pretty!

Nicki said...

The picture is awesome-just beautiful