Saturday, November 19, 2011


So last Sunday at the beach I noticed Miley limping.  But then it went away.  I didnt see anything Monday or Tuesday.  On Wednesday I did a little agility with her and she seemed ok.  Then I decided to run her over the a-frame a couple of times.  Well the limp was back.  Then again the next couple of days she was fine.  I was signed up for a trial and decided to take her just for the jumpers run.  I got there and she seemed fine. I didnt see anything.  In hind sight I should have gotten there sooner so my dogs had time to adjust. But Ill have to remember that for next time.  We ran the course.  She dropped the first bar.  That threw me.   Weaves were great. Then the wrong tunnel entrance. Then the end they had to wrap tight and not take the tunnel that was a straight shot. I told her tight but she turned and took the next jump that was at  90 degrees.  Very weird even for Miley.  We did lots of tight wraps last weekend and she got of them.  Then went we walked down the steps at this place, she went one step, one step, one step.  Ugh, she is hurt and Im a DA.  So I guess Ill see if I can get an appt with the rehab vet next week but I doubt it since its Thanksgiving.
I took Java with us and she did well there.  She was a little nervous when we got in the building but recovered quickly.  They had Agility and Confirmation going on at the same time. So it was very busy. We walked around the confirmation area because that is where all the vendors were.  She did well, she was scared of two dogs and didnt want to walk pass them But they were big dogs.  One was a mastiff.  He was huge!   But we did pass.  At least no barking. LOL

On Thursday I taught 2 foundation agility classes at the club. I took Java to the class. She was the demo dog and did awesome. We just did things like the wobble board, tunnel, wrapping cones, rear end awareness games, its your choice games, and "go on".  She didnt bark at any dogs. Whoohoo!!  And recalled off of dogs she was going to see. Yea!!!

Oh yea, I keep forgetting to tell you this. Those pictures I took of the yorkies doing obedience and rally. They used the 2 pictures in the calendar. The one of the 8 yorkies in a  sit-stay on grass with ring gating behind them is the cover. To tell you the truth I didnt like that picture very much. Shows what I know. Then the other picture was a yorkie doing a figure 8 thur the cones for rally. That one was cute. Then dogs expression was very nice. I havent seen the calendar but its a "working yorkie" calendar. I get credit for the pictures too.  How exciting.

I keep trying to get a good picture of my three shelites and it just isnt happening. Plus all their leashes are on so I can grab them all if I need too.


Priscilla said...

Java did so well, what a good girl she is.

Hope there is nothing really serious with Miley's leg and she can see the rehab vet as soon as possible.

Dawn said...

I hope Miley is OK!! Your three are so beautiful, leashes and all. I must have missed the piece about the yorkies because I don't remember seeing any photos of them. Congratulations on making the calendar! And the COVER!! :)

Sara said...

Oh Diana, that really sucks. Hope the rehab vet can squeeze you in this week, and that it's nothing major.

I love that first photo, it really shows each dogs' personality!

Diana said...

Dawn I didnt post the yorkie pictures , I just talked about it. So you didnt miss anything. LOL

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congrats on the yorkie photos! That is so cool!

Sorry about Miley - I sure hope you can see the rehab vet before Thanksgiving and that you find out nothing serious is wrong.

Both of the Sheltie pictures are good - they are all 3 beautiful dogs!

corbinwooten said...

Sorry to hear about Miley--crossing my fingers that it's nothing serious and that she can get to a rehab vet soon.

And congrats on the yorkie pics, how exciting!

I think those pictures are great!

Lian said...

Oh No, sorry to hear about Miley. I hope you can get an appointment with the rehab vet soon. Such a worried.

Java sounds like a wonderful puppy!

Lian said...

Meant to say love your last photo of the three shelties :)