Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 2 of trial

Man I was beat after Saturday.  Sunday I woke up at 3:30am and felt terrible. I hurt all over. Ugh!  I didnt think I was going to make it to the trial feeling so bad. But I took all my medication and by 7am I was feeling better.  So at 8:30 I decided to go to the trial.   First up was Jumpers. I remembered my C.A.D.   LOL

I struggled to figure out what to do in the opening. If I stayed to the dogs right and post turned that would put me behind coming out of the tunnel. I wanted to be ahead of my dog.  A running front cross in front of #2, I felt would pull the dog to the wrong tunnel entrance if you werent just right because of the angle of jump #3. The only thing that would work for me was  a lead out push. So that Im to the left of my dog and then I will be in front with her coming out of the tunnel.  But when I tried that yesterday in snooker, she turned to soon and disaster.  But the C. is for confidence.  She knows how to do this, I need to get it right. So no time like the present.  LOL Well it worked great. We were having an awesome run until I got lost. It was around the turn in 13 -16. I was completely lost. I didnt know what number I was on, where my dog was, which way I needed to go. All I saw was a sea of white jumps that didnt show any direction to me.  Then I heard the "Aww " of the crowd and then I  knew we were off course. I knew the tunnel was in the end so I just ran for that.  I dont know how much my dog knew what was going on. And when I watched the video, I really cant tell Im lost.  Its amazing how fast thoughts go thur your head.  It felt like forever and that I was just standing there trying to find my way. But it doenst look like that on tape at all.  LOL  Man, that was not a good feeling. I ve been lost before but only for  a split second andI got it together. But this time it was like I was in a maze. Yuck!

Next up was Pairs. I usually dont ask for a side to run but when my partner asked me I said if she minded I didnt do the side with the a-frame because of how many times Miley missed it yesterday. She was ok with that.  So I walked my side (the circled numbers) and someone I knew on the side lines said I would never make the front cross before the weaves and I should force a front cross before the teeter.  I thought I would never make it there to force a front because I would be so far behind.  So I walked it fronting before the weaves and the other way the lady suggested.

But I figured I could send her to the back side of that #3 jump and move out to be ahead.  Well it worked. WhooHoo!! I made that front cross. It doesnt look hard on the video but it was. LOL Then it was the other person turn. I cut her out of the video but when she got back to jump #4 (its before the a-frame) , it was set for 22 inches. The girl was head of her dog and tried to reach down and set the bar at 12 inches before her dog got there but that wasnt allowed.  All jumps were suppose to be set at 12" for both dogs. The judge had said in the briefing that we  were responsible for making sure the jumps were set correctly for our dogs.  But I guess he felt sorry for us because changed his mind. And maybe it was because only that one jump in the back was set incorrectly that he let us rerun.  So could I make that front cross again?

Yes I did!!  And I finally got a Q.  LOL  I didnt stay for gamblers.  We still had to clean the condo and I wanted to walk on the beach one more time.


Dawn said...

I didn't read your comments right and then I watched the video and wondered "Why is that woman on the field playing with her dog when Diana is running Miley!?" LOL! Glad you Q'd! That's so exciting!!! Great photos as always.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...


That's awesome :)

I worry about that with the jumps because sometimes you can't SEE all the jumps. I'm glad he let you run it again. AND I'm especially glad you got your Q!! I would've front crossed the weave poles too. Congrats again :)

LauraK said...

Sounds like a busy weekend for you all! I'm glad that judge changed his mind about the jumps- that certainly wasn't fair! I'm loving watching Miss Java grow up- such a cutie :) I think I'd rather have a nice relaxing walk on the beach after a full weekend of agility too!

Sara said...

Nice judge! And awesome runs Diana!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Beautiful runs! That FC was gorgeous! Congrats!

Priscilla said...


Love to watch your runs too!

Anonymous said...

Hah! YOu did it even better the second time! In fact, it looked like you had all the time in the world.

Kathy said...

YOU GUYS LOOKED FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC job, and it looked like you were having so much fun, congrats!