Friday, November 25, 2011

Miley update

While Java gets to run and play. Miley gets to stay on leash. Poor Miley but it could be worse.  Someone canceled their appt with the rehab vet so I got an appt for Wednesday morning.  Oh but first when I called the vet , I told the receptionist that I needed an appt because my dog was injured . Well as soon as it came out of my mouth I realized that was the wrong way to phrase it.  I tried to rephrase it with the girl but to late. She told me she didnt have any appt with my vet but felt it was important  for the dog to be seen since she was injured and she was really pushing for me to see another  vet. Ugh!   So we left it with the vet calling me back. LOL and when she did someone had canceled their appt so I got it, instead of having to wait until next week.  So I drove up Wednesday morning. No real traffic but lots of cops everywhere.  When I got their the vet watched her walk/trot. Then she examined her. She did a full extension of her left leg forward  with Miley standing and Miley didnt respond. But when lying down, she can extend the front leg much further. That time she got a reaction when fully extended.  No reaction when the leg is pulled back.Its amazing all the different ways the dogs legs can go.  So long story short,  She has tendinitis in her left front shoulder. She didnt think it was bad and wants her to rest for 2 weeks and rimadyl then come back in for a recheck. If she isnt improving then go for an ultrasound to see whats going on. So I figure she is out for at least 6 weeks.  She can go for leash walks just no running or jumping. 
I drove back home. That was 4 hours in the car. Then we drove to my mom's house in Savannah. So another 3 hours.  Ugh. I was over the whole car thing by the time we got there. Thanksgiving was at my  mom's house.  We only stayed less than 24 hours.  Mostly because of all my dogs.  Its just to much to bring 5 dogs to someones house. I worry they are annoying people or might wreck something.  Plus the only was to get outside is to go down 20 steps.  So Miley was going up and down the steps. That was causing me stress because she shouldnt be doing that. Although she didnt one step the stairs at all at my mom's house.  Anyway, it was time to go and we drove home. Lots of people on the road on Thanksgiving. I was kinda surprised. But we made it home and I was so happy to sleep in my own bed with no barking dogs. ( the barking dogs were  mine).

Oh yea, I bought this harness for Java. She hates it. LOL.  The thing I dont like about it is where the leash attaches.
 See the metal ring. The metal leash clip with the metal ring on the harness makes a bunch of clanging noise. So the dogs always turn around to see if someone is coming.  That doesnt happen when there is tension on the leash but if is loose. "clang, clang, clang" ugh, annoying.   So I bought some plasti-dip and dipped the ring.  It wouldnt stick at first so I had to sand the ring down and then dipped it.

Turned out great. No more annoying clanging.  My dogs no long turning around to see who is following us. LOL

"I still dont like it."


Sara said...

Sorry to hear about Miley :( Its so hard to keep dogs like her from running and playing.

Priscilla said...

It seems you were on the road the whole day. Glad that you're home safe and sound and could sleep in your own bed at last. Festive celebrations sometimes can be so tiring.

Poor Miley, I'm sure she wanted to join the running fun with Java.
Hopefully, she will get much better before the recheck.

Jules said...

I am glad you were able to get in to see the vet!

Miley originally had an iliopsoas injury, right? Something similar happened to Bug with the iliopsoas injury. It was still bothering him when he went back to work (obviously I didn't know) and because he was off-putting weight from his rear onto his front he started to develop biciptal tendonitis. Everything is so connected!

I hope Miley heals quickly.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Poor Miley - I hope her tendinitis heals up quickly so she can get back to running and playing with Java!

Boondocks Love Shack Pack said...

Get well soon, Miley!!

Love that last picture. That expression says it all!

Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

Dawn said...

Awww....feeling sad for Miley as we all know how she loves to run and jump. And watching Java play must be torture for her! Hope she heals fast and completely! Java looks cute in her harness...poor baby!

Sophie said...

Poor Miley. I can't even imagine keeping Lola on a no exercise schedule, she'd drive me mad.

I love that photo of all three together - Java is just shouting, 'pay attention to me!'

corbinwooten said...

I'm glad that Miley has a diagnosis--hopefully at the recheck she'll be doing great. I'm sure she's getting frustrated not being able to do all the things she used to (and Java gets to do them!)

Thanks for the harness review...I was thinking of getting one for Lexi.

Kathy said...

Poor Miley, she has sure had her share of things ;-(. YOU ARE A GENIOUS!!!! What a great idea about the plastic dip. I love those harnesses because they are a little cheaper then my other ones so I can keep one or two in the car for emergencies, and one size fits all the dogs so .....when I can not find the right one I can find one...LOL. BUT I used to not like the part where it clips on when I was trying to build drive so left on the harness to pull back, and that part where the leash attaches would fly up and hit the dogs sometimes, ughghghg, so guess that there are not perfect solutions but overall I am a big fan of those but I am going to try to remember your plastic dip idea, that is sheer genious. I am impressed.