Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 2 of UKI

I didn't slept to well Saturday night, my body kept complaining. But I got up anyway and drive back up to the trial.  It was rough. Several times I almost turned around and went home. LOL
But when I got there it was a beautiful sunny day and no humidity.  That's unheard of here in the summer. It was so nice!!! 
It did make filming hard because the sun outside the covered arena plays havoc with the lens.  The new Ipads let you adjust the lens to let more or less light in. Its not perfect but at least you can see what is happening.

The bad thing was I didn't know what I had entered. Usually I take a picture of my entry with my Ipad but for some reason I forgot. So I got there and I wasn't entered in the first two classes. Ugh!!  But no worries, they take day of show entries , so I entered Gamblers and we Qed.    

Sunday was tunnel-palooza day. Some of the courses you did 7 tunnels, Whoohoo, happy dogs.

We had a pretty good day. We Qed in Gamblers and Snooker.

This was the Novice agility course.

We ran pretty good. I tried so hard to watch my dog and make sure she took the tunnel under the a-frame. So that made me a little behind when she came out the other side. But it worked out ok. I thought we Qed. I didn't realize the judge called a fault until I saw the scores posted. Ugh!!.  I looked at the film but I cant see why he called a standard fault.  I went to talk to the judge and asked him why but he couldn't really remember. Then he said he thought she left the last weave pole early. But that would have been an E, with a whistle.  So anyway, no Q for us. What a bummer.

I was really bummed out about this. Darn it!!  We did manage a snooker Q.  We were close with the Master series agility. I made a mistake on cueing her to turn when coming off the dogwalk and then I didn't cue her right, so she knew to take the tunnel. Ugh!!!

But everything else was pretty good. Even 9-11.  From 9-10, kept her on the inside and called her my side ( a side cue that Im using to keep my dog with me so they don't wing off an take something). It worked great and then I rear crossed on the flat over 10. Whoohoo!!

I wanted to go home after snooker but I had signed up for jumpers.  I should have gone home. I was tired and over it all. So of course I messed up and didn't turn into my dog to get the correct tunnel entrance , so we went off course. Ack!!!  I don't know if Ill ever get this stuff right. LOL

It was still a really good and fun weekend.  Not sure I will be going to nationals because I cant get the Qs I need to get there and wont have to many more chances.  Plus the course are really hard.  I had to laugh, the novice courses here were harder then the master AKC courses I ran last weekend.

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Dawn said...

Fun to watch you guys, but I can see how it would be frustrating too.