Friday, June 26, 2015

Its to hot!!

I worked running dogwalks at 7am.  And I was already sweating. Then I took the dogs to the park. Man, it was humid.  How am I going to survive a dog trial outside tomorrow.  I feel like I should drive the RV up there just to have air conditioning but that's a lot of gas money for the day.  I guess Im just going to tough it out.

It was so hot I had put the dogs in the river.  I think Java was glad . She just kept standing there, it was like she was saying "awwww".

Guiness is the really happy one!.  Always telling everyone he is here!

This is my favorite picture. Turned out very cool looking with the mist coming off the water.

This water is freezing cold. It makes my feet hurt , its so cold.  I could barely stand to walk to the middle to take this picture.  I saw this lady earlier this week, standing in a bikini up to her upper thighs fishing in the deep part of the river. I don't know how she stood it.


Sara said...

The woman is probably from upstate NY or Maine! We never get to swim in anything that is warm!

Beautiful photos!

Helen said...

Glad it's not that warm here. The water does look inviting and would be quite refreshing if it was hot.