Monday, July 6, 2015

July 4th in Savannah

We went to Savannah for a few days during July 4th.  It was really hot and humid but I did take my dogs for some short walks.

There were a bunch of trees around this one pond. There were birds everywhere. I could have spent hours there. I didn't because the people riding bicycles kept coming by.

This guy must be use to people because I got really close. He didn't care. At home, they fly away so easily.

Now he did fly away when the dogs lunged and barked at him.

Look at this brown bird. He was huge!!!

That dark blue colored bird seemed to be fighting with an all white bird. At least that's what it looked like. Could have been something else. Look at the bird on the left top. To funny looking.

Then this fox came running right toward us. It was like he thought he knew my dogs. Then he pulled up short.  He did slowly make his way our direction. I kept walking away. It was making me nervous. In SC we have had numerous foxes bite kids. It would be kids on a playground at a park or church. The fox would just run out and bit the kids. The fox was always rabid. Ugh.  I couldn't find a big stick if I needed it.

He crossed the street toward us. I kept going to the marina. Other people where starting to walk around, so I think he decided to  leave.

This was a small alligator. We saw a bigger one when I was driving but by the time I turned around to go back, he was gone.  

I was hope to see the squirrel that I said was a bunny-squirrel. It had a small white fluffy tail. I got video but no pictures.  If I get around to up loading the video, I post it later.


Sara said...

Looks like a beautiful place to walk. LOve the tree in the first photo, we don't have anything like that up here.

There is a fox in the park near us. He seems to love watching us! I always wonder if he thinks Chewy is a relative!

Dawn said...

I have tried for years to get a photo like that of the blue heron. The fox was cool!! Do not like alligators. At all. You can keep those.

Nicki said...

Savannah is on my list of places to go!