Friday, June 12, 2015

Java turns 4 years old

Java is 4 today. Boy is time flying!!  I took the dogs to the river. It looked like it would be low enough to walk through based on yesterdays level. 

Its so pretty and peaceful here. Its hard to show in a picture.

Guiness gets so happy here. Im not sure if its the water noise or if he is happy to be off leash.

I know these pictures aren't great. Its very shady in the early morning. But otherwise its to hot outside to go for a walk.

I finally broke down and bought myself a new laptop. The other one was driving me crazy. It took so long to do anything, I wouldn't get on it. So  I stopped taking a lot of pictures and that's why I haven't been blogging very much. But now I have a new one.  Its funny how much technology keeps changing and how hard it is to keep up.  Poor old people, I cant imagine trying to keep up. 
Anyway, my new laptop has windows 8.1   I know lots of people hate Windows 8.1, but its been ok for me.  Its kind of like having and ipad with a keyboard. You can touch the screen and swipe things, but then you can go into "My PC" and use it just like you use to use a laptop.   But you can also ,at all times, switch between touching the screen or using your mouse. The biggest thing is remembering where things are to get to them because when you open it, it is very different then your usual computer set up. 
There was a dead bird in my yard today.  I didn't want to pick it up, so I made my son pick it up.(Not because of getting sick but its just to sad)  I had two bags, one inside the other, so he didn't touch it. And then had him wash his hands after wards. I remember this guy here in Columbia was working in his yard and picked up a dead bird. He got a really bad illness and now I cant remember what it was.  I hope this bird didn't die of that same illness. Maybe it was West Nile virus.  Anyway, hopefully a cat just got this bird.

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Sara said...

I think the photos are gorgeous!

Happy Birthday to Java!