Thursday, June 11, 2015

USDAA Part II, The finals

Its Sunday and the finals of Regionals.  I really wanted to go home yesterday. I was done and had felt like we had had some good runs. I was ok with everything and was ready to go home. LOL  I texted this person about their runs and she invited me over to her RV watch the horse race. ( I had told her I was thinking of going home.)  So that was nice.  I learned a lot about her that I never knew.  It helped break the loneliness I was feeling too. 

First up was Biathlon : Jumpers and Standard.   In Jumpers we managed not to E but I had to resend to the weave poles. Ugh!!

I got a blind cross between 8 to 9 and got the back side but then didn't handle 9 to 10 as nicely as I would have wanted , so I had to RC on the flat to 10.   I also over handled 13 and 17 and she turned the wrong way at 17 but came back to me. So it wasn't pretty.

 This run was going great until I over handled 17 to 18.  I pulled her in after the teeter and I pulled so hard , so took the a-frame. Ugh, so close!!

Next up was Steeplechase.  We managed to be the last 16 inch dog to make it in. There were 7 dogs in the 16s.   I was so nervous.  I couldn't shake it and I really wanted to do well. 

I had planned to front cross from 9 to 10. You needed to get down the line to get to 11 and 12 , so she didn't take the tunnel.

I had to change my plan when I ran, and RC into the #10 poles. I couldn't believe she stayed in. I was so excited at this time.  I let the video speak for itself.

Ugh, I was so embarrassed that we missed the tunnel.  I took it for granite that she would take it.  I should have just gone back and fixed it but we had already dropped a bar, which was 5 second fault, there was no way we would have a good time now. So I decided to leave.  I SHOULD HAVE FIXED IT!!!  Ugh!!

Next up was Grand Prix.

I was  happy that Java stayed at the start line.  I really needed a startline stay to be able to handle the opening.  Then she got on the teeter and I forgot to say, "YOU WAIT".   I had been saying that all weekend to keep her on the teeter and it had been working. I was just to late to get out the words I needed. She flew off and headed straight to the tunnel. I called her off before she took the tunnel. I didn't know she had missed the dogwalk contact until I watched the video. (I was shocked, she had only missed one other dogwalk all weekend and this was a straight off one????)  What I was most proud of was how I handled  15 to the close. This area was causing a lot of problems   Lots of people did an "ass pass" turn at 16 and the dogs were still swinging very wide. So then they missed 17 or they had to bring them back. Some dogs went off course over 7.  Java read the turn great!!

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