Friday, November 8, 2013

UKI trial (post 2)

So now to explain this.  Yes we took third at the Speedstakes Novice/beginner class.We got to stand on the podium and get our picture taken but...... Remember how I told you Friday we E'd in Speedstakes? Ugh.  The next day the course was at least more challenging and I had two plans. One if she held her start line and one of she broke.

She did break her start line again (I had trouble with both dogs in this ring. To weird)  But since I was prepared, we Q and took 1st place.  But.... there were only three 16 inch dogs. So because we Ed the first day, we still stayed in 3rd place. Not as great an accomplishment at probably people thought.  But I didnt have the heart to tell people on facebook. And someone else posted the picture.  I didnt even know we were on the podium until someone else told me. It felt kinda weird , you know , since there were only 3 dogs. But I guess if I had Ed both runs were wouldnt have made it at all.  Java's sister, who is tiny compared to Java even though they are from the same litter, also took third for the Championship/Senior dogs. Except there were a lot more then 3 dogs competing.

I pulled Miley from her speedstakes run because we had already Ed the day before and she was just acting so crazy in the ring that day.

This was Master heat jumping. Holy crap is all I have to say.  It doesnt look tough but that chute to the weaves was tough, tough , tough. No 12 inch dogs had  a clean run.

It was chute to the far end of the weaves. A lot of dogs jumped sideways through the broad jump.  I dont remember what happened with Miley except she was crazy and we didnt do well. But then again, neither did a lot of people. LOL It was a really hard course.  Lots of dogs did  1 and 2 and then took 16 instead of the chute. Even when it looked like the handler cued it correctly and so enough.

This was UKI nationals championship  round 2 which Miley some how made it to.  This was a nice run but we got a refusal at jump six when I tried to save it because she went wide. I thought we had it but nope, refusal. Otherwise very nice. I dont know why we look so slow. Maybe I need realize Iam slow. Lol

So then Master Heat Agility was up. My friend asked me  why I wasnt walking it. I told her after that jumpers course, that stuff just to hard for Miley and me. Miley is already acting crazy, she doesnt need the stress. But my friend said it was much easier and I should walk it. And she was right.

She broke and ran around the first jump before I even stepped away from her. Ack!!  She went around once and then when she came back around we took off together. Not sure if we got a refusal for that , I never looked. We did drop a bar. 

Saturdays weather was crazy. First raining, then windy, then sunny, then storming. But Sunday it was nice again. Thats when the above pictures were taken.

Sunday Miley had a beautiful perfect titling agility run. But look how close the broad jump is to the end of the dogwalk. Ack!. I didnt think it would be a problem for a stopped contact but a running DW?
It was about 7 feet from the end of the DW.  This didnt seem safe. I kept debating what to do about Java's run. What if she didnt read the turn and crashed into the broad jump. This broad jump was all metal.
Then the next ring, Biathlon jumping, Miley was crazy again.  Im not sure what the heck was wrong with her.  She hasnt acted this crazy at a trial in a long time. The first night at the hotel, she didnt sleep all night. 

Java's biathlon jumpers run wasnt great either. I messed up. 6-8. She backed jumped 7 and then took 8 from the wrong direction.

I decided to run Java even with the broad jump right after the DW.  She was flying at the beginning of the course. She flew into the tunnel, I say bank off the side and thought I better hall but to get to the number 5 jump so I could cue the turn. Well, she must have seen me take off and came back out of the tunnel. I was looking for her  to come out the correct end and then she did and I couldnt find her for a second. Too funny when I finally realized what happened.

I really messed up after the chute. Lazy is the only thing I can think off. But the dogwalk to the tunnel didnt seem to be a problem at all.  We went home after this. I was beat. I did learn a lot watching other people.   Very cool things going on with handling and I give up to easily and dont just try to get there no matter what. I have to try harder.  I set up these problem spots this week and she got them all, so obviously Im not putting into it at a trial like I should be. I will be working on that.


Sara said...

The courses are really challenging! I think you did great.

There may be a couple UKI trials here next summer, but I'm not sure I'll enter. I'm too much of a dork to handle these courses.

onecollie said...

wow, hard courses! the judge is in a suit ???? !

Sarah Duke said...

You did well considering the level of challenge involved! I thought even speedstakes was kind of tricky. I love that you posted the pictures of how close everything was, certainly added to the challenge!

Helen said...

I think it's great that you placed, I never tell folks at work how few dogs there are sometimes in a height class. Those courses looked tough but I still think I'd like to try UKI with Beckett any way. I'll have to see where Keltic is in his training by next summer.