Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend trial

Now you know I had to buy this picture.  When you go three years with your dog not getting on the table, you really enjoy every minute of this.

I went to an indoor trial on Friday and Saturday. I drove up early Friday. I went early so I wouldnt hit morning traffic.  So I worked the first class and it was freezing in there. Its always cold and I had those cloths on pictured above but I was still freezing.   Shivering!   The next day I was ready and would a thermal shirt underneath a sweatshirt. It wasnt as cold and now I was sweating. LOL,  that figures.

Here was the standard course.  Miley did great and Qed. She took 3rd place. Whoohoo!! Sorry I dont have any video. The usual people who are at trials werent here.   Then it was Java's turn.  I knew this was harder for her because of the running a-frame into the weaves. The judge had pulled the weaves back closer to the aframe because people complained about the being to close to the ring gating.  So  Java missed her weave entry but the rest of the run was beautiful. Her running dogwalk couldnt have been nicer.   Even the judge said, "beautiful run" when I finished.  Yay me!!  Someone did get it on video but he told me it didnt know if he would be able to figure out how to get it off his camera.  So I dont know if I will get it but it doesnt matter.  It felt great!

Next up was JWW.  I messed up both of these runs.  Miley, I did an off arm cue to keep her out of the first tunnel entrance. I think she thought I was giving her an opposite tunnel entrance cue and went to the tunnel entrance. She didnt go in and stopped but then came to the back side of the jump and I had to bring her around. So we got a refusal. But she didnt stress. This was huge!!  Especially after that UKI trial. 

Java, I dont know what the heck happened. She broker her start line so I had to run it with all rears. Which to my surprise worked   until after the weave poles.  I tried to FC between 13-14 and she didnt read it at all and went way off course. (pink maker Java).  Not a good way to end our day. 
I decided to drive the 2 hours home since I was done at 1pm.  My legs were killing me. I wasnt aggressive with my medication and I was in so much pain on the way home I almost pulled off the road. But really what was that going to do.   So I just pushed on, it finally  started to get better so I could think about other things than pain. The next day I did a much better job managing my medication so that didnt happen again. 
Day 2.
I had already decided when I found out they were running a CERF clinic at this trial to get Miley's eyes check. Not for breeding but just for my own state of mind. I just felt like something wasnt right.  I got the feeling my vet saw something in her eyes but wasnt sure and didnt want to tell me.  Her squinting has been better but I still felt like something was wrong. I had her eyes check at age 2 and they were ok.  (This was a big trial with agility, confirmation and obedience at the same time. So there were health clinic going on)  When I went to look at pictures that were taken there were multiple pictures of Miley taking off way to early. Im not really sure how she kept up all the bars she did.
Here is Miley taking the triple. She took off early and  she is trying hard not to hit the bars by keeping tucked.

 In contrast, here is Java taking the same jump.
First up today was standard. Java was first
Lots of off course possibilities on this course.   Probably the beginning was the toughest and the end of the dogwalk if you have a running DW.   Java I did a lateral send and then front crossed between 3-4. Well I supported number 2  for two long, instead of trusting my dog, so I was way late and cued that number 10 tunnel. Ugh!!  She missed the weave entry, my fault. Then, ugh, I started cuing the turn off the dogwalk way early.  And I thought I needed to layer the tunnel to get that 17 jump. LOL, nope, she turned and again took the number 10 tunnel. LOl Oh well.

I did a better job with Miley. I front crossed between 2-3. Nice run,   except for a dropped bar.

There was a little bit of a wait between Java and Miley's JWW run. Java was the 51 st dog to run. So I asked my husband to go take Miley and get the CERF check done.   I ran Java. Nice run but I got stuck in my front cross for just a second but I think Java thought I stopped and pulled out of the weaves.  (I should have said "go on" but I didnt think if it until it was to late).

Java was near the end of the 16 inch dogs and Miley was the 6 th dog in on the 12. I called my husband and told her to bring her back. He said there were still a bunch of dogs in front of her in line at the CERF clinic.  So he brings here back and tells me that her eyes are dilated for the eye check. Crap, I forgot they did that. He said they just did it and it will take a little while to work.  I took her to the practice jump and she seemed ok. I figured if she dropped the first few bars I would pull her.  But she did great. Except for one dropped bar. I heard her click it and waited. Then as she hits the weaves, I heard the bar drop. Crap.  But nice run.

After the run my husband took her back to the CERF clinic. I got there just at they were coming out of the room. The  opthamologist said Miley has scar tissue on but corneas, left more than right. That she has inflammation in her left eye. She needs to be seen by an opthamologist and she could have an auto immune diease.   She said they could give her eye drops and it would help. So hopefully I can get her into someone this week and see what is going on.   I hope its controllable and she wont go blind.   No great news at the end of the day but its not like I didnt suspect something was going on.

Cool picture of Java!


Chris and Ricky said...

I hope you get good news from the ophthalmologist about Miley's eyes!

Sara said...

What a bummer. I hope it's something that is easy to treat.

Love the table picture, and how she's looking up at you. Really cute.

Helen said...

You had some nice runs, boy I wish I could get Beckett to turn away with out spinning. Too bad about Miley's eyes, But better to know. Hope it's something that is either easy to treat or won't get any worse.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry Miley is struggling with the eye issues. That's sad. She loves to run so much I hope it can be controlled!