Wednesday, November 6, 2013

UKI trial

 Here is Java , she must be telling me off about something I did.

I went to UKI nationals.  You didnt need any qualifiers to go. You could have some and had byes but you could also try to get them Friday.  So that was nice. One thing I will say about the weekend, the hardest courses Ive ever seen.   OMG, I was walking one course and thought what was I thinking. LOL The trial was small and they only ran one ring at a time. So that was nice, no conflicts.  And I got to see some of the best handling Ive ever seen.  I wish I had video everyone's runs esp in the 22 and 24 inch dogs. Holy moly, one fantastic run after another. The times were so close, Im glad Im not in those groups. 

On a side note, the fall leaves were beautiful. The leaves in Coumbia dont look this they do in the mountians.

Anyway I entered Java in the biathlon games.  I figured I would have a better chance with snooker with Java than Miley.  Java a a nice gamblers run but she went wide after the dogwalk and took a couple of extra jumps (that were only 1 point) so we ended up in 7th place for all 16 inch dogs. We had 40 points and the high score was 48.  

We bombed in snooker, she back jumped the first colored and that was that. LOL

 Miley had some crazy runs. First she would be awesome and then she would be a stressed manic.

This course is Biathlon agility
This pictures is to show you how close the broad jump and tunnel are to each other after the dogwalk.
This run Miley did pretty good except she went wide around three and then started to stress and circle, so I took off running and she ran for the dogwalk and was perfect the rest of the way but it was an E because of the number 3 jump. She even got the weave pole entry. It doesnt look hard on paper but keeping you dog off the jump but the poles was hard.
I was worried about this same course for Java. Ive been working on turns off the dogwalk now but  a lot of times she will still run toward the tunnel and then turn at the last minute. this was not a course you could do that.  The broad jump was right next to the tunnel. I figured she would take the tunnel and I would go on and act like she was correct. But she got the broad jump off the dogwalk. Whoohoo. I was so excited.

 I messed up the weave pole entry. Java took that jump next to the weaves. I should have brought her straight out of the tunnel and around the jump. Thats what a lot of bigger dogs did instead of  going between the jump and the poles.

This is US National Championship. I only entered Miley.
She missed the weave pole entry but otherwise perfect.

The speedstakes series was broken into Novice/Beginner and Championship/Senior.

Java's course , novice, was the easiest course all weekend.  She broke her start line and we missed a jump and E'ed.  Ack!!  Not what I was hoping for. I really wanted to win this class. Darn it!!

Miley's Speedstakes she got to the third jump and stressed and  ran around the ring. We walked off the course. Ugh.
It was prettier that his pictures captures.  Ill write some more tomorrow. Im tired. 


Chris and Ricky said...

It is so cool that you went to that trial and got to run those cool courses! Plus you got to see all those great handlers! Such a great event. Congrats on going and on your third place win with java!

Sara said...

Is it the camera angle, or are those weave poles shorter than normal?

I thought those runs looked amazing! So many twists and turns. You really had to be on your game. You did great.

Dawn said...

Hey Diana...this looks beautiful! I wanted to let you know that Bree (Cowspotdog's Mom) is back in the hospital. She emailed me and asked me to let people know. I'm sad...

Diana said...

Yes Sara the weave poles were shorter.

Diana said...

Dawn I've posted on your blog a couple of times but it doesn't look like it's going through. Not sure what is going on.

Helen said...

You guys did great. The Canadian UKI Nationals are in Ontario next year. I was thinking I might enter Beckett.