Sunday, September 22, 2013


I went to the club building yesterday to show someone , who is meeting the truck that moves the equipment for the trial, what needs to go on the truck.   Well when I got there, someone had moved the doors and sandbags I put in front of the shed. They threw my sign on the floor. I guess they were saying  "screw you, we are doing what ever we want".  It really made me mad. I dont understand why they are going in the shed.   Outside the shed are jumps, a tunnel, weave poles, chute and tire. What do they need out of the shed???  Plus everything is at the field for everyone to use.  So you know what I did?   I screwed the doors on the front of the shed. ( the door hinges are broken from when it was moved to this location)  And I padlocked it shut.   And slapped the sign back up.  If they pull this apart to get into the shed, then I am quitting.  I cant keep fixing everything that people break. Its just to much for me.  People just keep mistreating the equipment at the building and the field.  Im so over it!!  

Here is what I found, at the field, after leaving the building. This is the sprinkler that you are suppose to set out after you are done using the field. How did they think that was going to work????  Plus it breaks the hose when its kinked like that. Ugh!!

  I did have a nice walk this morning. All the flowers are blooming in the field at the park. My pictures didnt turn out great because it was cloudy this morning.


Sara said...

People are jerks. Hope the padlock does the trick.

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

people just think they are entitled to do what ever THEY want these days and don't care one way or the other how it affects others.

corbinwooten said...

How frustrating. It sounds like a lot of your club members don't respect the amount of time and work that goes into having the equipment and a place to train.