Thursday, September 19, 2013

oops, blind crosses ect..

This week the river was finally down that I could walk through with the dogs. I think its been three months since Ive been able to do that.  Most summers I would spend several hours here but couldnt do that this summer.  I didnt bring my camera, so this was taken with my cell phone.

I made the dogs cross the river. They werent to happy. They only had to swim for about 10 seconds but they still didnt like it.  It was over 90 degrees out, so they needed to cool off.

They dont mind getting their feet wet but they dont want to go deeper than that.  

I agreed to chair our clubs agility trial. (I must have a whole in my head) . I wont do it again thats for sure.  We are down committee member's, so a lot is left for me to do. Anyway, I order just 12 of these screw in the ground weave pole bases.  But Im going to see if they work at the trial to hold the ring gating.

Our orange fencing is attached to pvc pipes. The pipes are slid over metal rebarb that we have someone pound into the tough ground.  So I saw these being used at another trial and thought I would see how they work. It would be great if we didnt have to pound rebarb into the ground anymore. These just screw into the ground.

I went to our club building the other day to get some jumps that have to be fixed. And this is what I found. Gee, I wonder how the jump cups broke on the jumps?????

 Thats my sign hanging on the right that says Please dont remove anything from the shed.. (The sign was put there because of the last time I was at the club building to work on the new displaceable tire and the mess I found)  Wow, look how people treated the equipment. This made me so mad!  It makes me want to quit the club. This equipment cost a lot of money and people treat it like trash.  I work hard for the club and this is what people do.  Disrespectful!!    Then people say, Why arent we having a b-match. Uh because I cant do everything, thats why.   
I fixed the shed , put the sign back up and put two doors with a bucket full of sandbags in front of the door. Hopefully people wont do this again.  

I signed up for Daisy Peels on line handling class.  I can never get to Meagan's classes anymore so I figured I do this.  I was running the first weeks sequences. I put blind crosses in and Java decided they need more blind crosses. The video show the first course with my blind crosses and then how Java added her own in the next couple of runs.

Then the next night at our class that I set up and we run a full course, she kept blinding me out of the tunnel, when I just needed her to go straight.  LOL, I guess something else for me to work on.


Kim said...

At our trials we use electric fence posts to hold the ring hating. They go in the ground easily and then we use zip ties to attach the fencing to the pole.

Diana said...

Kim, we talked about it but the ground is to tough. We would still have to pound them in. I talked to another club who uses them and thought it was a good idea. They have tough ground and still had to pound the m in.

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

I can't even get my boys to go out if it is raining ! No way would they ever put a paw into water willingly :)

Sara said...

Chewy has been doing his own blind crosses too!

Sorry about the slobs at your club. That would drive me nuts.

Helen said...

I taught Keltic to ketchker and no he blind crosses me when I front cross. Oh well he's a baby. We have a working spot with Daisy Peel at a novice seminar here in November.

I didn't join my local club this year. Too many members were more interested in disc so you'd go to the field to do agility and all the equipment would have to be moved. It was too much work. I paid green fees where I take lessons and use that field. No hassles.

Chris and Ricky said...

Sorry about the people at your club having no respect for you or the equipment. That's not right.

Blind crosses are fun - why not blind all the time - LOL!