Monday, September 9, 2013

Canine Capers AKC trial

I went to Atlanta, Ga  this weekend for an agility trial.  My friend and I drove together because I was worried driving 4 hours by my self after work. Im just tired after working. So it really helped having someone to talk to. We didnt get there until 10pm at night. I had a hard time going to sleep but finally did around 12:30am. Morning came fast.
 The trial was at a big park. It was under cover, which was nice. But makes it hard to video because its dark , at least to the camera, in the ring and all this light coming through around the open sides.  So you camera cant take good video. There was someone there taping all the runs. You just had to go and buy them. Then they put them all on  a flash drive. Pretty nice especially when everyone is running at the same time and no one can tape.

Java had a nice run.  I thought I didnt have a good chance of getting the correct tunnel entrance when I saw this.
I told myself , more laterally, declerate and use an off arm cue. It worked and she got it.
She broke her start line, so I guess I have more work to do.
We got our 3rd Q and get to move up to excellent !!

Miley  had a nice Master JWW run. Besides turning the wrong way after #16, which Im not sure why. So if you see why, let me know. She Qed and took 3rd place. Whoohoo Miley!!

This was a sorta tough course. Lots of dogs going for the off course jump after the chute. Tons of dogs taking the #1 tunnel after the dogwalk. They were suppose to turn tight and take the DW under the tunnel. Then coming out of the #12 tunnel the would take jump 14 and not go the the table.
Miley was awesome. We were almost to the end, and she turned the wrong way after the tire, I got her back and she just came with me and didnt take the triple jump. Ack!!  So close. LOL

The bad thing that happen was the chute wasnt put together right. Nothing happened when I ran with Miley but my friend ran a few dogs in front of me and something happened in the chute.  The dog didnt seem right after a few jumps so he walked off with her. He said he saw other dogs have problems too. I saw a dog come out butt first, like his head was stuck and they finally got out. So when they looked a the chute, someone hadnt attached the chute to the barrel correctly.  There was a big fold in the chute material. So if your dog hit that side of the chute, it was like  hitting a wall of fabric and they had trouble getting out. But if the dog hit the other side of the chute, it wasnt a problem.  I saw the still photo of the his dog coming out of the chute. It looked bad. So something to check when your running your dog at a trial.

The open standard course is almost the same as Masters, they just took out a few jumps at the end. I really thought I would get the correct tunnel after the dogwalk. I would cue a tight turn and then say tunnel. No problem. LOL big problem. She collected when I said , "right, right, right , right". Then I said tunnel and she took the tunnel straight ahead. LOL, I called her and said, "no this tunnel".   I then put her in the correct tunnel and she almost ran right into me coming out of tunnel.
We stayed for the b-match. I worked weave poles, teeters and dogwalks. My dogs both did great.  We got to the trial at 7am and left a 7pm. What a long day. But fun.  More to come later.


Chris and Ricky said...

You all look great! Congratulations! Those videos turned out so well - it is amazing how clear they are. It was worth buying them because you got some great runs there!

Diane said...

Great runs! On the JWW with Miley, you opened up your shoulders a bit and it looked to Miley as if you might be indicating that you would be continuing on in the direction she turned. Good recovery, though! - Diane

Helen said...

Boy, your girls are running like little speed demons. Those were some really nice runs.

Sara said...

Great runs! Both dogs look like they are having an absolute blast.

That's too bad about the chute. I hope none of the dogs end up with chute "issues" as a result.

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

They looked like they were really enjoying themselves.