Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Canine Capers AKC trial Day 2

Day 2 started much later for us because it was tall to small.  I think we got there by 11am. Really I was feeling bad this morning and if we hadn't drove with my friend, I would have just driven home and not gone to the trial. It sucks when your body hurts all over for no freaking reason.

First up was Miley's Master standard run.

I decided I needed a lead out with a front cross after #3 in order to be able to cue the correct tunnel entrance. It worked except she dropped the bar. Ack!!  Man, look at the holes in the dirt next to the weave poles. Its the theme for Sunday. I dont know why I didnt notice when I was running. My poor dogs.  So this is a nice run but she also went to the outside of jump16.  Sometimes I dont understand Miley. She probably thinks the same thing about me. LOL

Then Java's 1st time in Excellent JWW. 

So I decided that my dogs would come out wide after the number 4 tunnel. It looks ok on the course map but when you walked it  jump #5,  was pulled  in more so the dog didnt see it coming out and could easily miss it.  Most people just stayed on the opposite side of #5 and just called their dog over and then pushed to 6. But because I thought  my dog would go wide around 5, I decided to blind after 4 and again after 5.  I saw several people do this and thought I could do it too. LOL, yea my blind was late , so she went off course over that #17 jump. I got her back. We stayed on course the rest of the time. Her yards per second was 5.4 so hard for me to believe. Imagine how fast she was going since that did include all the extra she ran. Whoohoo Java. (again big holes next to the weave poles).

  Ok , now Im really tired, my body hurts and Im hungry. No time to eat. I ate at 7am and now its 3pm.  I only had candy in my bag. I need to pack better.  And both Java and Mileys runs are at  the same time.  Ugh, I hate when that happens. Java's ring took priority. But they were running a little slow.  So I was stressed. First thinking I was running Java and then having to switch to run Miley because the other ring was running slow. My head wasnt in the game and I knew it.  I tried to pull it together but just couldnt.  So I really screwed up Miley's run.  Finally Im telling myself during my run that "you have to get your shit together Now".  And we did. Yay!! To bad I didnt do that in the beginning. ( I know most of you wouldnt post this run but this is just how agility goes sometimes. And I hate to see people give up when they run their dogs. They practically walk the course the rest of the way because they are defeated)

I decided I was going to run Java with everything I had.

I really thought my dog knew rear cross into the weaves. I guess not.  Ill be working on that.  Also, Im not sure why she didnt drive to the table. I told her table when she was on the cross part of the dogwalk. We've seen this before and have practiced it too. Weird. I ran  the tire to the chute differently then Miley because Java wouldnt let me lead out but it worked.  Both dogs, I rear crossed the chute and just told then "right" when they were in the chute. And they both got it!!  Lots of dogs turned the wrong way coming out of the tunnel even in Masters.

I was beat at the end of the day. Then had to wait around ,just a little, to get my videos and I bought a couple of pictues. But becuase I didnt have my glasses on, I ordered a picture of someone else's dog instead of Miley. Ugh!!  I didnt know this until I got home.  Well, at least I got the right videos. LOL


Sara said...

Great runs! I clap every time Miley gets on the table. So proud of you guys for figuring that out.

Buying a photo of someone else's dogs is too funny!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Nice runs!!

For Miley's standard I would've run it the same as you except I would've FC'd before 3 (after the frame) and I might not have made it to the last FC after 16. If I didn't, I'd rear 17. All the rest is the same.

Java is going to be a crazy woman if she has speeds like that! I know Miley is fast too but wow!