Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Whats going on??

Sorry I havent really been posting much.  I really just havent felt well in a while.  My fibromyalgia has been really bad. I went to a Rheumatolgoist but I feel like that has  just made me feel worse.  I havent been walking my dogs much either. I use to walk my dogs everyday no matter what, rain, cold, crutches ect...  Now , I think Ive walked them once in 2 weeks. Its taking everything I have to go to work.  And then I come home and Im just out of energy.  Ive still been teaching classes twice a week for the club but its been raining so much we having been able to have many classes.  And on the days I do go, its a killer.   Work hasnt been nice either. They are killing me with the amount of kids they are sending to the nurse.  My boss came and talked to my principal. This year Ive seen more kids than any other school in the district  (Ive had over 4000 visits not including medications) including the high schools ,who have double the amount of students that I do.  I dont think much will change. The teachers that want to send kids , just send them. They dont care they've been to the nurse 30 times and are just trying to get out of class.

Ive gone to the field a couple of times and mostly just let my dogs run around. They like to do that , so at least they are doing something fun.   I went Sunday to take pictures of some equipment we are going to sell for the club.

My dogs sure know how to have fun, Huh!

I tried to have class last night because its suppose to rain tonight.  I went out there, set up the course. 6pm, no one came. I know one person was going to be late.  I had checked my email before I left home and no messages. But after sitting at the field waiting, I checked it again and anther person was sick. So I ran my dogs each twice over the course. Thats all I had in me. I just couldnt do anymore.  Its now 6:45 and now one has come.  So I call my husband, crying, I feel so bad I need to come home.   Then the other person showed up. She is a really nice person. She was only running one dog because the other was injured but I didnt know that. So she ran her dog a couple of times and then said she was done.  I felt bad. She lives near me so I know it was a drive (40 miles) to get there.  But she said she didnt really want to do that much and she was cold.  So she helped me pack up and we went home.  I felt terrible this morning still, and called in sick.  I decided to stop the medication the Rhumatologist gave me and just  uped the Lyric to twice a day.  Im feeling better now, just tired. (thats what the medication does to you. Pain or excessive tiredness, not good choices).  Sorry to complain so much. Its why I havent been blogging, no one wants to hear complaining.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you have to choose between pain and fatigue, not a great choice.

I love the pics of your dogs. They are so full of joy!

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

That is doing it tough - all those kids and dealing with the Fibro as well. Having Lupus as RA I know how bad it can be and that somedays are an effort to even breath - hang in there.... The doggies are looking gorgeous as ever.

Sara said...

Dealing with side effects of meds can be brutal!

We had a principal who told us at a faculty meeting, "If a kid asks to go to the nurse, you have to let them, because you are not qualified to decide if they need to go to the nurse." We were told we couldn't even give a kid a bandaid. Now, they tell us to try and limit passes as much as possible.

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I think you're allowed to take a break from life and blogging if you're dealing with your health.

Wonder what is making so many kids want to skip class? Bullies? Pressure from teachers and tests? Bored kids who aren't being challenged? It stinks because it's not really like you are in a position to determine why the kids are doing this, but you are stuck dealing with the aftermath. Must make you feel very powerless and devalues your job.

Dawn said...

Why no policy that after a certain number of visits to the nurse the kid has to go to a doctor and bring in a slip?

Sorry this has all been so hard...I can't imagine. Glad the lady helped you pack up the field though.

Hope you are feeling better today.

Chris and Ricky said...

Sorry you are in such pain - that makes everything worse. Hope getting off the new medicine helps. Just relax today!

corbinwooten said...

Diana, I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling so crappy. Maybe you'll feel better as the weather warms up? Sending good thoughts!

vici whisner said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Don't worry, your dogs know you aren't well and will be ready for a walk when you are.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you have been feeling so bad and that work has been so stressful too. :-(

I'm glad your girls get to help you take pictures of the club's equipment and that you got some fun pictures of them enjoying themselves.

I hope the medication change helps a bit.