Saturday, March 30, 2013

Getting it together

This isnt my course. Its off of the Powerpaws website.  She has  mulitple course maps posted for the one set up. I couldnt figure out how to down load the maps so I had to make a new one with course designer.  If you need a practice set up, its a good one. Lots of different chanlleges to work on with each different set up. 
Its funny how each dogs have different things to  have problems with. On this run, I had to stay with the a-frame to make sure Miley turned tight and onto the a-frame. Other wise she would go wide. But it didnt really matter because she has  stopped a-frame, so I cant leave her and get to the number 11 jump and cue the tight turn between the jumps. But the weird thing was , I front crossed  kinda between 11 and 12 and then was sending her the weaves and planned to rear cross her. Nope, she just couldnt get it. She kept swinging wide and then couldnt get into the weaves.  I did it with Java and no problem. So with Miley I had to front cross again while she was taking the # 12 jump to pull her tight and send her into the weaves.
Java had a differnt set of problems.  I left her coming out of the tunnel and she pulled tight and took the a-frame.  I needed to be way ahead, since she runs the a-frame, to get to the #11 jump. Even thought I made it there, she was sure she knew what to do, take the jump and straight into the weaves.  Oops. No matter how much I cued that turn, she just kept going wide. So we worked on that but once she got it, took the # 12 jump and I rc after she got in the weaves.
I think I have her weave poles fixed. If I put any pressure on her driving down the weaves , she would leave the poles early. So we worked mulitple days in a row with the "ready Treat" at the end  of the weaves and the last two poles open. I drove as hard as I could, pulled away from the poles and crossed in front of her and she started to understand to stay in the poles until the end. Today no problem staying in the poles. Another problem, leaving the teeter before I release her.  She is suppose to do a two on two off but any pressure from me trying to drive pass, she leaves the teeter. If I slow down , she stays, add pressure , she leaves. Hmmm, Maybe I need to put the "Ready Treat" at the end of the teeter.

Im on Spring break. We were so suppose to go to the beach this weekend but my husband had to go to work this weekend. I went and worked the dogs a little bit at the field.  Now I have a sinus headache and am not up to going to the beach. Hey but in good news, my toe doesnt hurt anymore. I dont know what the heck is up with that but its gone, so good riddens.
We had an emergency at work yesterday.  There are other people on our response team , they are teachers, that respond with me during an emergency. But when I get there, Im still going to assess the patient even if one of the teachers use to be a paramedic.  What every happens will come back on me because Im the nurse at school. So my goal when something like this happens is to keep the student safe and breathing until EMS gets there. Im not going to try and diagnosis the student. I will tell EMS what I think happened so that the right EMS truck comes. Like if the student needs advance life support, oxygen, IV medications ect. they need to send a paramedic who can do that. But the regular ambulance just has EMT's on it. They can only do certain things. So just be aware when you call EMS for someone, tell them what you need. Like, I think they are having a heart attack or a stroke. That way they send a paramedic who can hook up EKGS, oxygen ect to help you family memeber. So the reason I brought this up because one of the teachers complined  to my boss that I didnt have a pen light in my bag to asses pupils. I had two, thank you very much, but Im not going to stop assessing the patient to look for it because you cant find it. When I get there, Im assesing their alertness, breath sounds and heart rate first. The pen light wasnt at the top of my list. And the student was awake, I could see his pupils and he was talking to me. Let me just tell you, change in pupils is a really bad sign. That person wont be talking to you. I know. Ive walked into the  hospital room and checked a kid's pupils, one blown and one pin point. Bad , bad sign. He didnt make it.  The kid at school was ok. 


Sara said...

Enjoy your spring break! Sounds like you really need some time off from work.

Chris and Ricky said...

Wow - your school is so lucky to have you - I just don't know how anyone could complain.

Sorry the beach trip didn't work out but you got in some good practice!

corbinwooten said...

Glad you're feeling better!

That course looks tough. I'm not sure how I would cue the threadle. That's a really long way to lead out from a 2o2o, feels like it would take forever. But without being really far ahead, I'm sure Lexi would take it as a 180.