Monday, March 18, 2013


So I finally feel better.  After months of feeling like crap. My poor dogs havent gotten a lot of attention. They have hardly been walked at all in the past few months. I walked the both days this weekend and even hiked at the steep hill park with them.  I clean my house a little too. And shock of all shocks, I worked my dogs in my backyard. I havent done that in months either. The only time I worked them was when I went to the field.  (changed my medication again).

I saw these birds at the park. There was no sun in the morning, so not great, but still turned out.

I dont know why I get so excited when I see the owl. Its seems special for some reason.

All weekend I been watching the AKC agility nationals.  My friend Robin with the yorkie was there. The are a Qing machine.  She already has two MACHs on her dog and she  just started a couple of years ago.

Mattie is a cool dog. Any dog that jumps in the ocean to go after a 400 lbs dolphin has guts!!
 So anyway I watched the live feed.  They Qed both runs and were in 18th place  after their first two runs.  So when I looked at all the dogs times  Mattie was 2-3 seconds off time wise from getting into the finals. So I told her to watch the other dogs run, she was  like  the 205th dog to run, so I told her to watch which crosses made the dogs turn tighter. And see where she could shave off a few seconds. So after watching a bunch of dogs, looking at scores and seeing who was ranked above her. I texted her back. I told her to forget the few seconds. Alot of dogs above her went off course.  I told her just try to stay on course and she should make it in. (dont you like how I make myself seem important. LOL)    And she did. Whoohoo, it was so exciting. I was so happy for her.   Her husband was with her  too.  Then came the finals. She said her legs were jello. I watch all the preferred dogs run. Then its time for the regular dogs (or what every you call that group). Robin is first up. She starts to run, the  video feed freezes. Ugh!!!  What the heck??  Then next thing I see is her coming out of the tunnel and the judges hand is up. What???  What happened??  Ugh, Im missing the whole run because it keeps freezing.  Ack!!!   If finally unfreezes as she goes over the dogwalk. Nice ending.  I was so upset, I missed her run.    I did watch it tonight on the VOD feed. She got a refusal at the tunnel. Mattie turned wide and had to be redirected.  But what an awesome weekend they had!!!  Im so happy for her. She works harder with her dogs and in life than anyone I know. Congrats to them!!
I fell at the field the other night teaching class. Twisted my ankle and hurt my back. My ankle didnt feel bad at the field but really hurt when I got home. Its the same ankle I hurt a couple of years ago. It was still sore this weekend when I tried to run too. No swelling but a small bruise. My back is finally feeling better. Darn, Im to old to fall down.  I was wearing shoes without grip on the bottom , never again.  Im working on Java's weave poles. She has 10th pole pop out problem. I dont think I proofed them enough. So Ive been working on lateral movement and also working driving to the end and putting lots of pressure on her without her popping out.
Hey two more weeks until Spring Break!!!!


Helen said...

Congrats to your friend that is so awesome!

We're getting a snow storm tomorrow. It will be quite a few weeks before we're outside. Our spring break was last week, what a joke to call it a "spring" break.

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Good to read you are feeling better..maybe the change to spring is helping too. Is that a woodpecker with the red head? Love the owl too and feel the same way..there is just something special about them.

Diane said...

Those are such cool pics, I love how the bird's red head stands out. We have an owl that hangs out in our back yard, sometimes right outside our bedroom window. His call sounds so cool, I love to just lay there at night and listen.
So great about your friend! How exciting for her. Good to hear you are feeling better.

Chris and Ricky said...

Glad to know you are feeling better! (except for the fall). I worry about shoes with no grip too and try to avoid that.

How cool that you were able to help Robin out! Congrats to her and Mattie!

Sara said...

I never see owls, so I would be really excited about that!

Congratulations to your friend!

Hope you continue to feel good. I;m looking forward to spring break too. Hopefully spring arrives at the same time.

corbinwooten said...

So cool that your friend did so well. Really exciting :)

And I'm glad you've been feeling better, but sorry you hurt your ankle.