Friday, March 15, 2013


Sorry its taken me so long to post about day 2. Not that anyone really cares. LOL  I should have spent the day at the beach instead of at the trial. I was just so tired. My dogs didnt sleep well. Both nights they got up at 2am and 5am to go to the bathroom. I couldnt be mad because they really had to go.  I guess all that running got everything moving.  Then having to clean the condo before leaving was a drag too.

 There were lots of alligators out. I think I counted 5 that I could see from our balcony.  Ive never seen that many.

Here was the open jumpers course. It was tough.  I was planning on front crosses after four and then pulling to 5. But then dogs kept going off course and my friend said I should front cross again after 5. So I tried but I was late and she went off course.  Only one person Qed and that dog jumped out of the ring to go see his dad who was video taping and then came back.

Next was Miley's standard run.  Again so darn close. Ugh!!

Well at least she got on the table and we got a chance to run the course.

By this time I was beat. I should  have called it a day. You shouldnt run your dog when you dont think you can do your best for them.

When the people walked this course they just wouldnt quit talking about what to do on 3-6. Ugh , it drove me crazy.  I just made a  plan and left the course. Not a good plan either. LOL I have to say everyone at this trial is very supportive , even when everything is going to hell. LOL

I tried to have a better frame of mind to run Java. If I couldnt pull it together than I shouldnt be running my dog. I thought I tried but things didnt go well.
I know she didnt get that dogwalk contact and was shocked when I found out he didnt call it.  But he called the a-frame. I need to practice pushing into her on the down side of the a-frame and she doesnt bail off.

So not a good ending to the weekend.

Then on the way home there was a bad accident.  I was on the highway, two lane. A guy was passing me. Then I heard "bam" and knew he had a blow out. I slowed down, thinking this wouldnt be good.  He passes me and I see the whole tire come off his rear wheel. But he isnt slowing down. Maybe he didnt realize right away what happened.  All of sudden he loses control of his car. It skids sideways in front of me. Now Im headed straight for him. I hit my brakes thinking about which way Im going to go if he tries to correct and starts coming toward me.  But he slid off the road, into the grass, flipped twice and landed upside down in the ditch. OMG, was that scary. I was so grateful that I didnt get hit or run off the road and flip my car. I did pull over and run back to the car. The doors were wedge shut due to being upside down and in mud. The one window by me was broken. There were 4 people in the car, from what I could tell. No one would answer any questions. They just kept starting at me. I guess they were in shock.  No on could tell me, "how many people are in the car". "Is everyone in the car awake". It was weird. The guys in the front just kept staring at me. So the guys in the front got out, no injuries that I could see. A women in the back was screaming, "get my momma out of here". But you couldnt get them out. I think the grandma was unconscious. I never saw her move. Now a bunch of people had stopped to help.  This man and lady kinda took over, the man kept saying his wife was a nurse. So I let them have at it. I went back to my car since I left the dogs unattended. I drove home thinking how lucky I was and it really didnt matter what happened at the dog trial.


Chris and Ricky said...

Such a scary accident and I am so glad you are ok!

Sara said...

I could tell that the judge was definitely rooting for you! Looks like it was a really nice trial environment. And Miley's table was awesome!

Accidents are horrible. It was nice of you to stop and try to help.

Elayne said...

Wow, so glad you weren't injured in that close call. So scary though, I've been hit by several people over the years and I still cringe when I think of the noise of metal crunching.

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Okay - that would seriously freak me our seeing alligators that close - I wonder how many dogs and cats they eat year.

Priscilla Phang said...

Don't think I like to see those creepy alligators so close to me though!

I had a few accidents before and I still have some phobia issues with me. So glad that you are okay.

corbinwooten said...

Your Standard run with Miley was so nice. Bummer about the end. You are getting great contacts, and nice tables. (Oh, and that weave entry was tough, and you guys had no trouble!)

Also, that was really nice of you to stop and try to help. That's so scary.