Friday, September 7, 2012

What a mess

That's what I feel like life is for me.  Just a mess. Ive spent so much money on life. 500.00 to fix my car, Stephanie needed new tires which I knew but was  hoping she would make it until Thanksgiving. We just changed the breaks on her car. Then her tire went flat at school and couldnt be fixed. So new tires it was. Then I had to pay for doctors appt. Funny, your insurance will pay for you pap smear but not the office visit. So how are you suppose to get a pap smear if you cant afford the 130.00 office visit. The pap smear is 37.00 .   Then Roxy got sick. Bloody diarreha. She wouldnt eat and it was a holiday weekend.  I tried to get her through until Tuesday when the vet opened. I called a friend and got some IV fluids. I thought if Roxy got fluids she would bounce back. But it didnt seem to help. I got worried and took her to the emergency vet. So for some blood work and urine sample 430.00 later,  they thought she was ok and started her on antibiotics.  Gas prices are sky high. We just paid my sons room and board for school. Ugh, Im broke. 
I dont know why but I hate my job. Its not a hard job. Its busy this year because I have a lot of chronic conditions that need attention. But they send silly things to the nurse. It drive me crazy. Even the student's know it silly. This girl came today and told me her teacher made her come. Even she said it was ridiculous for her to  come. She caught a pen flying through the air. There was a small pink ink mark on her palm. No cut or anything. I had her wash her hands. The ink mark was gone. There was nothing wrong with her hand. Ugh, its a waste of my time, when I have a ton of work to do.  I really dont know how to fix this problem. Its not easy to find a job that I dont have to work weekends or holidays. I do like that I get off at 3:30 so I have time in the day light to do things with my dogs. But while at work, there is nothing fun. There has to be something positive while you are at work. I cant think of any. Its just hit the floor running and I dont stop until I leave. Im getting about 10 minutes for lunch and thats the only break I get all day.  I have no one to talk to , or help me out. Its become very over whelming.
Im still working my dogs. But Im just not being successful at anything. Im working on Java's weaves with the WAM's.  Sometimes she gets the foot work but other times she is hopping. She is fast, so I dont know if I  should slow her down, so she has to think more. I keep video taping and sometimes I see things I like, and then bam, its all screwed up. LOL I did put a leash on her today to try and slow her down. On the last one run through on the this video, when she runs toward me, youll how she is hopping if no leash controls her.

Then there is the stay at the start line. LOL, I dont know what Im doing wrong. Maybe to many sends to the tunnels when doing running contacts , makes her think "see agility, run". So Ive been using the crate  at the start line. Let me know if you see things I could be doing wrong.  I did for about 3 minutes, I didnt post all 3 minutes. I guess I should have stopped at one minute.

Im sorry this seems so negative. I dont mean to be. Just frustrated and cant seem to make progress toward fixing anything. I have more to say, Like its humid and hot as heck. Which makes training your dog miserable. A cold front is suppose to come through tomorrow and bring the temps to 85 and low humidity. I cant wait. The bugs have been horrible too. I have so many bug bite that Ive stopped walking at the park for a few days. I need to stop itching.  There were 10 cases her of West Nile virus last week. Scary.
In good new "Home Goods" open here  in Columbia. Im so excited. To bad I dont have any money. LOL


Sara said...

I'm kinda feeling the same! I fall asleep thinking about things to add to my "to do" list, and wake up thinking about more things to add! Working sure adds a lot of stress to our lives.

Hang in there!

Chris and Ricky said...

I think Loretta has written often about the dogs finding their footwork as they learn the weaves. I wouldn't worry about it. But I wouldn't slow Java down either. She may think what you want is slow weaves and not less hopping. Maybe she will also think that the point of the startline stay is you want her to start more slowly. I don't know. I was playing with those BCs in CA and marveling at how they explode off a stay for the toy in a game we made up. Just once I would like to see Ricky explode off a stay for agility. Don't worry about the training so much and have fun and maybe things will just work themselves out! :)

Sorry about all the stresses in your life right now. Hang in there!

Lian said...

Sorry to hear that things not going your way at the moment. Sometimes things just got more difficult that we would like them to be. Hang in there! Things can only get better.

What do you try to achieve the V weave with Java? Single striding? I find it not easy to maintain the striding of the dog. When I train the V weave with Sonic, he was fast and he did single striding; then the closet the pole gets the single striding faded and replace by double striding. I guess you just have to let the dog decide what patterns suit them?

Diana said...

Lian, I dont really care if she double steps or single steps. I really think she will double step. I taught both Guiness and Miley with these weaves poles. They both double stepped. I just want her to stop hopping over the poles.I just didnt know if I should try to slow her down to she starts thinking about her footing.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Sorry things aren't going well for you. Money is always very stressful.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I'm so sorry things are tough now. I absolutely understand about having no money. One thing always follows another :(

Do you have to continue with the v-set weaves? Do you have a way to switch to channel weaves or another method? Or raise the angle of the weaves? (I'm not familiar with V weaves so I don't know how the angle progression works.) When she doesn't have the leash it's like she doesn't understand yet about what she's supposed to be doing. I would NOT slow her down. If you get her worried about it you might have one of the dogs that walks through the poles because they're too worried they'll do it wrong.

corbinwooten said...

Diana, sorry to hear that you are still feeling down and frustrated. Lian is right--things can only get better. It's just getting through the frustrating times that seems to go on forever. Hang in there.

I wouldn't worry about Java hopping right now. I'd encourage speed since you had trouble with that first (not anymore, though!) As the WAMs get closer, she won't be able to jump and she'll be forced to think about it more. Let her go through however she is comfortable.

Do you have access to any other poles? I really like being able to do WAMs in conjunction with channels just to combine teaching speed and footwork. Not that I think any method is better than the other--I just like the combination.

I think your crate idea for teaching Java the start line is really smart! Use something she can easily understand and slowly get her to translate it. My only question is do you think she understands what it means when you shut the door? Since her reward is food and not usually release (until the end) I don't know if she would understand the door being shut.

Hope you got some cooler weather this weekend--we finally did and it's AWESOME!

OBay Shelties said...

Get the poles closed up much quicker. :-) That will sort the footwork out.