Monday, September 17, 2012

The weekend.

Well I have no pictures to post. I usually take pictures when I go to a trial but I didnt take any. Ive been  having a lot of fibromyalgia pain. All day Friday at work I was miserable. But I made it through the day. I was suppose to drive up to the trial Friday night but just couldnt do it. I woke up at 3am in pain and got up and took some more medication. I drove up to the trial at 5am.  (laying around does not make the pain any better so I try, if I can, to just do things anyway).  The trial site is nice. Its indoor but no A/C. It was cool in the morning but by afternoon it was hot as heck just sitting there. It was only 85 outside but there was no breeze blowing through the building so it was pretty hot. I only worked one class, the 20 inch class. I was pretty miserable being a bar setter, because I couldnt get my pain under control, but I made it through. And the next day I won the worker raffle. It was a $10 gift card to amazon. Whoohoo!!

Standard on Friday was horrible. She jumped all her contacts and wouldnt get near the table. Someone said to me when I came out of the ring, "her weaves were great". LOL  , that was nice of them.  Im not posting the video, its to horrible. I missed telling her to take Jump 9 because I was already thinking about making sure she was suppose to go to the a-frame. She wouldnt get on the table and ran around the ring. I got her back by putting her through the chute. Then we were awesome. LOL  The gate steward said to me, "way to get it back together and finish so nicely".  That was nice of her.
Next up was jumpers.  I missed us up here too.
For some reason she turned the wrong way after 5 but I got her right back. Then my front cross after 6 was late so I was behind the triple after she took it. This caused her to read it as a turning cue and she went right into the tunnel. Ugh. I couldnt figure out why that happened at first. But this was the 20 inch class that I set bars for. I could see it so easily after watching it happen to a lot of people in this class. Some people RC 8 but this got them the wrong tunnel entrance. Some people blind crossed after the triple. That worked  great.  So if you FC before the triple and were ahead of the dog, you could push them out to 8, other wise you got what I got.
Last up was T2B.  This was a run like heck course.
And little miss Miley broke her stay. It was almost like she just looked at me and said, "Screw it, Im going" She blew right by me and I was only at jump2. Ugh. I should have pulled her. But I didnt. I dont know how we stayed on course with me so far behind but we did. Then she jumped both a-frame contacts. Ugh.  I was so defeated I just walked the end of the course. I wasnt mad at her . I was mad at myself for letting her run when she broke her stay. So I walked her back to the crate and for the first time ever, no treats. I took Java out and went over to the practice jump ( that ring was done for the day) and worked Java's stays. Which are starting to happen.  I could hear Miley barking at us. So then I went and put Java away and took Miley out. We went to the practice jump and worked stays. I tried everything to get her to break but she didnt. So I think it made an impression. Sunday, she didnt break. I was prepared Sunday to grab her if she broke and leave the ring.
I finally got my pain under control at 7pm.  But my poor dogs didnt get my attention that evening.Ill finish this later. I have to get ready for work.


Sara said...

Sorry to hear that you're in so much pain. That must make it really hard to run agility.

Dawn said...

Wow. That just doesn't sound fun at all! I wish it was better for you...but boy your girls are just messing with you! Hope work today was ok, but I bet it was hard. I know mine was pretty bad. We are one day closer to the weekend which is all I can come up with that's positive! :)

Lian said...

Sorry you were in so much pain! Glad you did feel better. It's sounds like a bit awful at the trial but I guess being in pain made things worst :(