Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Trial

Friday I pulled miley from the ring for jumping the A-frame contact. It was a-frame -tunnel, so I caught her coming out of the tunnel. I hadnt really planned on doing this. Its been such a delemia if it was going to cause her more stress by pulling her. It was freaking hot on Friday and I was just to tried to run if she wasnt going to do her job. But it looks like it was the right thing to do. She got all her contacts after that. Now I need to work on my handling. My late crosses  caused us problems all day Saturday.  We had a lot of tunnel suck problems too. I guess will be working on that, LOL.   We Qed in ex. FAST with a nice run. She fell going up the a-frame which I forgot about until I watched the video last night. She seems ok.  The rest of the runs we had issues. But she got her contacts. The video goes, FAST, ex Standard, Ex JWW and then T2B.  I messed her up so bad in Standard that after she got the weaves we ran out of the ring. I was worried about stressing her with the table.  Then JWW, she took the jump and was suppose to turn to the weaves.  She slowed, looked at me and "nope its the tunnel".  LOL   

We dropped a bar in T2B. 
Now off to watch my husband compete in a 1/2 Ironman. 


Chris and Ricky said...

Love watching Miley no matter what! Congrats on a good weekend!

Sara said...

Love watching this! You guys are awesome.

Elayne said...

Good luck to your husband but sheesh that will be a long day for you. Hope you brought a good book. ; )

corbinwooten said...

I am so happy for you and Miley on her contacts! I hope your success continues :)

I think you guys had some great runs, and Miley didn't stress too much.

Priscilla said...

Both of you did so well. Glad that you had a good weekend.

Miley always looks happy in the course!