Sunday, September 23, 2012

The weekend

(sorry if there are mispelled words. The spell check wont work) Yesterday was a horrible day. Well, Friday was kinda bad too. I had to leave work early because I felt so bad.  I feel like I cant get handle on things. But today is Sunday and Im feeling better. So hopefully what ever was causing all this pain is gone. Or at least back to its usual amount.  The boat is finally fixed. It hasnt been running right all summer. And then it just stopped all together and we had to be towed to the marina.  So its finally fixed and its running nicely. We took it out with the dogs. We went to the beach. The one cove had 4 boats in it with a dive flag out. Weird place to dive. Its not the deep and there isnt anything to look at. So we couldnt go in there and parked the boat to the side. I had to walk thur the woods instead of on the path. I just kept hopeing I wouldnt step on a snake.  I finally made it to the other side where the other beach is. But it was still in the shade. So I figured I wouldnt get any nice pictures. But I did. How lucky is that?
Look, its starting to look like fall. Its still warm out but not that opressive heat. Were everytime you go outside and walk or work dogs, you have to go change all your clothes from sweating. Ugh!

Guiness gets very excited about the waves. He barks and runs up and down the shore.

Miley says, "I dont think so".

We had a very nice time. I think the dogs had the best time.

We did work some agility too. I tried proofing Miley's contacts. I put Java in a crate at the end of the contact , hopeing to add some excitment. I dont think it worked. You may want to turn down the volume.


Sara said...

Wow! Both your dogs look amazing!

I'm glad your weekend ended on a good note.

Dawn said...

Hope today you feel better and glad you had a good time on the lake. Love Guiness's ears! I don't think you could distract Miley any more than with all her toys AND Java!!

Chris and Ricky said...

You got some fantastic pictures at the lake! I love how happy and excited Guiness is!

Hope you feel much better this week!

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

BLINK - and here it is fall already - love love love those photo's of Guiness - we don't get to see him so much and he looks like he is just having the best time ever. Love that happy tongue! Have a wonderful week - oh it time we say the other little members of your family - haven't seen the chihuahua's in ages

corbinwooten said...

I admit it--I laughed so hard at you throwing all the distractions at Miley. I even showed Jonathan! Good girl, Miley :)

Hope you're feeling better and that work was okay today.

And I agree--those pictures are really nice. I usually hate all of my shade pictures.

And one last thing, it's really neat to see Java improve so much. She is definitely getting the weaves, and it's great you're letting her work independently already. I did smile at her bounce at the end :)

Nicki said...

Guiness looks so happy in these