Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Java's weave poles are getting better. She is only hopping out of the last pole. Maybe I need to put the ready treat closer to the poles so she doesnt feel the need to hop.  People keep asking me when Im going to run Java at a trial. ( She is 15months this month).  I  just laugh. I told them, not until I have a start line stay. I cant run her if she wont give me a lead out. I get to far behind and then she doesnt know where to go. Plus she has so much still to learn. Because of all the running contact stuff she is behind on other things. I also need her more consistent in taking jumps in front of her.

I went to teach some classes for the club on Monday. There is a novice -prenovice class first. This aussie went after Java in class. Ugh!!  Ive done so much work trying to get Java not to react to other dogs. She has always been fine in classes as long as another dog doesnt come running straight at her, be it play or what ever. Now all blown to hell. This dog came after her, Java was  just standing next to me. The aussie was suppose to be doing the teeter. I had to pick Java up to protect her. I dont know if the aussie was being aggressive or not. It didnt seem like a friendly , I want to play type of barking and running at her. But Java did get off two growls before I picked her up. And even after I was holding her, the aussie continued to jump and bark at us until the owner got her. Im not sure what I should do about this. I dont want another aggressive dog in class. Im not equipped to deal with it. She has been in other class and Ive been told, she had no problems.  I talked to a couple  of other people in class, they felt the dog was being aggressive.  The aussie might just be overly excited. She jumped and barked at her owner a lot too.

Next class was a group class were we run courses. I set up this course.
This is an AKC course that I saw on someones video from the weekend. I didnt have a course map, I made this map from watching the video, so probably the spacing isnt correct.  It was a fun course and Miley was spot on. whoohoo!!  Several people comment how well Miley did.

We go to a trial this weekend. We'll see what happens with Miley's contacts. Ive been giving her two commands on the dogwalk. "Go" which means just keep running and "touch" which mean do a 2o2o. I thought maybe if she knows the difference it will help her . LOL, will see.

I talked to my two bosses about all the students they are sending to the health room that dont need to come. They were to talk to the teachers. You know what happened?  They sent me even more kids. Way to stick it to me. Ugh!!


Sara said...

So sorry about those stupid teachers sending you kids. DOn't they realize those kids are missing instruction when they're at your office? Doesn't make sense.

If Java growled, obviously she felt she needed to send a warning to the dog, which would make me think the dog wasn't necessarily "playful". Aussies can be tough to read, as they're so intense.

corbinwooten said...

No need to rush with Java. You will have plenty of time to compete together :)

And that course looks really tough! I'm curious, how did you handle getting to the weaves?

Helen said...

Can you compete with Java at 15 months? In the AAC, the dog has to be 18 months to compete. I guess they do that so people don't train too hard with a young puppy.

Diana said...

Ashley, I blind crossed the exit of the tunnel and then sent her to the weaves.

Priscilla said...

Good luck for the trial!

Sorry to hear that there were more kids sent to you after your complain to your bosses. It is really ridiculous.

Chris and Ricky said...

I don't see why there is any rush with Java either! Sorry about the aussie coming at her. Hopefully she will shrug it off.

Dawn said...

No need to rush Java, that's for sure...she'll rush YOU when she's ready! Have fun at the trial!! And those teachers are probably just trying to offload onto someone else.

Dawn said...

Diana, I think on facebook I sometimes accidentally put up a link to my admin page instead of the actual page, which might be why it was asking you for a password. Maybe. But the actual blog is now located at:

Thanks for stopping by the new place! I haven't moved in completely yet as you can tell! LOL!