Monday, August 6, 2012


I took Java up to NC to see if she had any interest in sheep. She did not. This was the most interest she showed in sheep.

Look how cute that little lamb is.

While up in NC M wanted me to take pictures of a couple of her dogs. Well after being in the car for an hour I realized I left my camera at home. OMG, that was part of the reason to go up there. I was so upset. My husband was with me so I didnt have to drive all that way by myself. (its 2 1/2 hours one way). So my husband said to drop him off at the next exit and then we called my son and he drove up with the camera. I kept going so I wouldnt be late for my lesson. Then my husband and son arrived a while later. How awesome is my family. Who would do that?  Man am I one lucky wife and mom.

(Look a magic ball)

If it wasnt so freaking hot outside, I could have spent hours taking pictures of the dogs, sheep ect..
The pictures of M's dogs turned out ok. But I realized when I got home I should have change aperture when taking the portrait shots. Ugh. I hope I can go back and try again.

We did a little agility too.  I have lots more work to do with Java on taking jumps but I think it will come together.   Ive debated whether to put this on my blog or not but I guess I will. The other day at the field, Java was in her crate in the car. (car is open, covered in shade and fan going). I wanted to put Miley over the teeter one more time.  So I stepped a few feet back and sent her. I never saw Java coming. Before I knew it both Miley and Java were on the teeter. Java was going full speed ( she had to be flying to cover that distance so quickly) and couldnt stop. Miley was stopped riding the teeter down. So Java jumps over Miley and off the end of the teeter and lands on the ground. OMG. She looked ok. I dont think she was hurt but now she is scared of the teeter. I was so upset about this and  about how this was my fault  and what was I thinking , that I almost ran into the back of a truck on the way home.  Well that got my mind back together.  The last couple of days Ive been doing some of Wendy Papes Teeter stuff.  I think she is feeling more comfortable. So hopefully I didnt wreck her teeter forever.


Sara said...

Those sheep are the cutest things ever!

Your son and husband are very, very sweet :)

Lian said...

the sheep wool is far more interested :) this happened to Sonic as well. He wants to chew all the wool and just staring the sheep.

Oops about the bad teeter experienced for Java. I think you just have to keep giving her the positive encouragement on the teeter, click and treat all the time for very basic stuff to build her confidence again.

You definitely have an awesome family. Very loving husband and son! Jealous :)

corbinwooten said...

I admit that I giggled a little at that picture of Java "interested" in the sheep. :) And that lamb is adorable! Did you want one of your own?

Your family is SO sweet. I bet your friend will still appreciate the pictures you took even if you don't think they are perfect.

Hopefully Java will quickly get over her teeter issue. If you need any suggestions, I can help! We did the Wendy Pape method with Lexi, and had to retrain a whole bunch of times when she she got spooked/worried for no reason (remember the whole teeter in the house thing? HA!)

Thanks for all the encouraging words about Lexi's injury. It really means a lot. I showed Jonathan your last message to me and we both really appreciated it. We are new to this whole injury thing.

Sophie said...

It's better that she wanted the sheep wool than sheep poo at least!

Chris and Ricky said...

So very sweet of your husband and son!!

Thank goodness you did not run into the truck when driving home. I am sure Java's teeter is not wrecked. It was just a flukey weird thing and all will be fine!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

The lambs are so cute! Your husband and son are very sweet to do that. You're very lucky :)

I'm sorry about the teether but I'm sure it's not wrecked. Weird things happen all the time and more "traumatic" than that. At class last month, my friends poodle fell off the dogwalk and landed on her side - and didn't move. We all went into a panic because she was just completely still. Turns out she was playing dead because she was worried she did something wrong lol. She's fine with the dogwalk though, and I'm sure Java will be good with the teeter again too!

Kathy said...

I like the Wendy pape teeter stuff too. Oooh Java someone must have forgot to tell her shelties were originally sheep dogs! How sweet is your family! That was so nice of them!

Anonymous said...

It sounds aweful, but I'm relieved to hear that Dare isn't the only one who just was totally unimpressed by sheep.

As for the teeter, I know you and Java will work through it. You do a great job with your dogs. I know for me sometimes it's just hard when you've had a struggle with another dog on something...for your brain to just jump to the worst possible scenario. For what it's worth though, I think Java will be able to gain her confidence back soon.