Sunday, August 12, 2012

AKC trial

I went to a 4 day AKC trial in North Carolina. I only entered two days.  Friday was the first time in my agility career that I was entered in an AKC excellent standard course.  So my plan was to stay wide on the contacts but the contacts where all bunched together so it was impossible.

It probably doesnt looked bunched together from the photo but it felt it especially with the judge there. O'well it is what it is.  So our run was horrible.
We got one through 6 fine. Then for some weird reason she went around 7. Jumped her a frame contact, jumped the DW and even though I was front crossing between 11 and 12, she went straight off course thur the tire. Then she was all over the place taking jumps, jumped on and off the table came around and got on the table and laid down. It was a nice table and I tried to really reward it. She popped out of the weaves which is really weird for her. Then finished fine. So the beginning and the end were nice, the middle was a horrible mess.  Im not showing the video because its just to horrible to post for everyone to see. LOL There was a good thing. She didnt do that stressed out , running around the ring like your ass is on fire. So that was a big positive.

I think Miley just had to much energy. I didnt play ball with her outside before her run. She didnt get exercised on Wednesday or Thursday because of work, rain and Roxy being sick. (Roxy is better now). I walked her some around the fields and down by this pond. But her and Java didnt do there usual racing and burning off energy. I thought I would try to take some cute pictures out by this farm equipment that was laying out.

I didnt like how the picture turned out and was getting ready to move the dogs , when I looked down because something was stinging my ankle. OMG, my tennis shoe was covered in fire ants. Ive never seen so many fire ants. I move the dogs, thank goodness they didnt get bit, and pulled my shoes and socks off. I started killing the ants on me. Then they started biting my hands and arms. If I had an extra pair of tennis shoes with me, I would have left my shoes there. I finally did kill all the ants on me and my shoes and socks.  I really didnt get to may bites. Only maybe 10.  So much for picture taking.

Next up was Ex. Jumpers.

I really worried about that line from 10 -14. You had to be able to beat your dog down the line and push them to get #13. It turned out that wouldnt be my problem at all. LOL  I have no idea why Miley did this but after taking 5 she went straight ahead to nothing.( I think I pushed into her line to soon) I guess I didnt cue the jump. Then in the ending I was going to RC on the flat between 18 and 19. I was late and to far over. She thought we were going straight and we just miss crashing into each other. Ugh!!

On Saturday I didnt have to run until about 12noon. So I had plaenty of time to walk the dogs and brun off Miley's energy. I went to the park. It might be called Whitewater park, Not sure. Its was the US Olympic Whitewater training center. Very cool park. They have lots of trials and dogs are allowed. But the trials were closed due to to much rain. But I could still walk the dogs around the lakes. Great place for dog pictures too. Its where the top photo was taken.

Zip lines

White water rafting.

Ropes course.

Rock climbing.

And some kind of floating on a raft to  ride the rapids.
Im going to go walk the dogs. I post Saturdays stuff later.


Chris and Ricky said...

Nice trial venue! Sorry about the ex std course but woohoo for being in ex std!

The park looks amazing!

Sara said...

How great that Miley didn't get stressed during the run.

What a cool park. I'd love to do that whitewater raft.

Nicki said...

Looks like a nice trial site.

Catalina said...

I always love your pictures. So sharp and clear with nice colors. That top picture with Java and Miley is really nice. That is an amazing park! What a neat place to walk around.
Yuck for fire ants! We don't have those up here, but they don't sound like fun at all!

Kathy said...

those fire ants sound intense, yikes! You do pretty good thinking on your feet, and you are getting so good with Miley keeping her from getting stressed and being in EX standard, I am almost giving up ever getting anyone there, so gosh, I think there are some huge things to celebrate ! I admire how well you have done.